The Federation of Jewish communities of Ukraine is proud to announce about the start of a new program Pidyen Shvuim, which aim is to help and assist the Jews in jails. 

On February 20th 2014 in Dnepropetrovsk a one-day seminar was held. The chairman of the Federation board rav Mayer Stambler participating in this seminar. The seminar was dedicated to implementation of the program in different regions of Ukraine.
After this seminar on Passover the activists the colonies and jails and give the Jewish prisoners matzos, grape juice, booksfor Passover, Sabbath candles and kipas.

In 2014/5775 campaign was held dedicated to the holiday of Rosh-a-Shana 5775 of the month of Tishrey. This campaign allowed the prisoners to feel a part of Jewish people, to feel that they are not forgrtten, and receive the communication and attention that they require.
According to this program the prisoners are provided with literature that answers that question. Different holiday booklets and Jewish calendars are printed for this particular need. besides the prisoners receive letters with congratulations and questionnaires aimed at improvement of this program in the future.