Month of Tishrey
The month of Tishrey is a whole holiday. It is literary filled with celebrations. Such holidays as Rosh-ha-Shana, Yom-Kippur, Sukot, Shmini Atseret and Simhat Tora make the month an outstanding long term event in the Jewish calendar during which Jews from all over the world pray and begin a brand new year, humble themselves before G‑d, remember the ancient miracles and honor traditions and Torah. This year is no exception. The Jews of Ukraine paid tribute to the history, traditions and mitzvahs, having fulfilled all of the mitzvahs of this cycle of holidays.
Regarding the mission of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, one of the crucial goals is to provide Jews with all the visual aids to assist them in their pursue of Jewish style of life and traditions. Therefore the Federation provides different printed matter regarding all Jewish holidays and traditions on a regular basis. The Federation published a Jewish calendar in several formats and provided a brochure specially for these holidays.

The calendar has the information as to candle lighting time, all Jewish holidays. This year’s calendars were dedicated to the ancient towns of Israel mentioned in Torah. The brochure begins with the exerpt of the Rebe’s speech on the occasion of the Tishrey holidays. It contains the historical background of the Tishrey holidays, certain traditions explanation and much more to make the celebration of Tishrey full and joyous.

Shluchim had a very important mission during this month. They came from different cities of Ukraine as well as from other countries to help the Jewish people fulfill the mitzvahs of Tishrey holidays. Shluchim ensure organization and assistance in the due fulfillment of all the mitzvahs and honoring the ancient traditions of ancestors. This keeps the connection of Ukrainian Jews with their history, traditions and legacy. The visits of Shluchim were possible due to thorough administration by the staff of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine.