Passover Holidays


The month of Nisan is one of the most important months of the jewish year. During this month Jews all over the world celebrate Passover - the holiday of freedom - one of the most beautiful holidays of Jews given us by G‑d Himself.

This year over 14 thousand people from 66 cities and towns took part in celebration. All these jews celebrated the redemption of the Jewish people in the ancient time.

Surely there were new people who touched the Jewish tradition for the first time taking part in the celebration of Pesach showing their belonging to Jews.

Printed Matter

One of the priorities of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine is the various visual aids to help every member of the local community live the way a real jews is supposed to. Onе of the aspects is printed matter.

Printed matter is calendars with both traditional Jewish and secular months and important Jewish dates, holidays, candle lighting schedule and so on and so forth. It is booklets for every Jewish holiday and important events as well. This printed matter contains also the description of peculiarities of the holidays, the Rebe’s quotations as to these holidays.

The printed matter of the Federation is a substantial help for communities especially those having no rabis and organized staff.


During the 5776 Passover 21 Shluchim came to Ukraine. These young men are the volunteers from Israeli, Russian and American yeshivas. They came to Ukraine with a very important mission - to help and assist in organizing and holding Passover Seders.

Shluchim come every year to show how Jews celebrated during centuries and how a Jew is to celebrate nowadays in order not to break the connection between the generations and to keep the fire of Jewish soul burning in the most remote towns of Ukraine where there are no big communities and rabis.

Shluchim accomplish a very important task and we sincerely wish them blessings.

Local Communities

The map (click to enlarge) shows the cities and towns and regional centers, that took part in the Passover 5776 program and received everything for celebration and kosher seders. Every community received kosher grape juice, Passover Haggadah, matzos, Passover poster. The Rebe’s Shluchim visited the communities to help to organize and hold Seders.