Program For Supporting Education

Educate a child — educate a generation!

Jewish schools and kindergartens are for children from different social strata of population of Ukraine. The majority of the families of these children have very low incomes from disadvantaged groups of population. Often these children have no the most necessary things. They have no possibility to buy some textbooks and other school accessories. For many Jewish families a Jewish school is the only possibility to properly educate their children. One of the most important things that a Jewish school has, is to give a child if its ability to get education and choose she's on her way in life.

Obviously every first grader and his or her parents a very joyful to receive a gift for and next school year consisting of different School accessories, textbooks and so on.

The school pack includes:

  • bright colorful backpack
  • writing accessories
  • rulers, markers, color pencils
  • a set of textbooks
  • notebooks, diaries, albums
  • booklets on Jewish traditions
  • Tora, Tehilim and other books

Similar sets are provided for the children who go to kindergarten, for those entering the High School, and for the students of the radiation classes.