National program for cultural development
The Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine does the daily work on development of Jewish life in Ukraine. We have succeeded for over 10 years. And if at first the Federation consisted of communities of only a few large cities, today the Federation includes more than 160 Jewish communities in towns and cities covering all regions of Ukraine.

The aim of the Programme of national and cultural development Shabbat in the small towns of Ukraine is a spiritual rebirth of Jewish life in Ukraine and the Jewish identity through the observance of Jewish traditions.

Shabbat is one of the main mizvoim of the Jewish people. The importance of Shabbath is not only in the prayer, but also in meals. Tradition says that the holiday meal should be conducted twice: on Friday evening after sunset as well as on Saturday.

Every Jew should be able to pronounce the Kiddush over a glass of kosher wine, eat a traditional challah. It is very important for members of the community to be this day together around a festive table.

Weekly Shabbat celebrations are very popular among the Jewish population. It is also one of the ways to attract youth to Jewish life.