The Mission of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine is to help and support the Jewish communities in their daily activity in following mail directions:
  • development of the Jewish education
  • renewal and revival of the Jewish tradition
  • social projects support
  • Jewish celebrations and culture revival
  • development programmes and special projects
The Federation maintains such all-Ukrainian projects as annual Summer Programme including organization of Ghan Yisroel summer camps for thousands Jewish children in different regions of Ukraine and Pesakh Programme within the frameworks of which hundreds of tons of Pesakh Matzos and kosher wine or juice for ceders are provided for all the large and small local communities and Tishrey Pragramme and so on.

With the help of the Federation and the Ohr-Avner Fund hundreds of educational institutions of different levels from kindergartens and schools to higher schools.

Special attention is dedicated to youth projects. Thousands of young men and women take part in youth clubs and organizations. 10 orphans houses harbor lots of orphans and children from poverty stricken families.

Social programs and charitable canteens help thousands of elderly people and people in need and provide food. Recently the first House for Aged people opened its doors to receive elderly people and give them love and comfortable circumstances.

The most important programmes at present are:

The Shabbat program – to help and facilitate the Shabbat meals. This programme is sponsored by the Viktor Pinchuk Fund and covers practically all the communities of Ukraine.
Educational Establishments Assistance Program – the mission of this programme is to help the Jewish first-formers in obtaining the stuff needed for education. This programme is sponsored by the Viktor Pinchuk Fund.
The Program for Help for Children from Needy Families And The Families with Many Children – this programme covers over 30 large communities of Ukraine and is sponsored by the Viktor Pinchuk Fund and the Druzhba Fund.
Hundreds of thousands of Jews take part in celebrations and concerts organized bye the Federation. Such events are significant for cultural life of Jews.

The publishing activity of the Federation includes publishing and distribution of different printed stuff such as popular journal “Judaic World”, Jewish calendars, religious books, books on history and culture of the Jews, Jewish media support.

At present the Federation faced the task to work out a strategy for development of Jewish life in Ukraine. More often a question arises to build a Center which will provide the widest range of resources to help and develop Jewish communities in all towns and cities of Ukraine.