The Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine being is an all-Ukraine charitable organization created at the conference of the Jewish religious communities and organizations of Ukraine.

From the very beginning of its activity the Federation initiated creating local associations to establish proper communication between the central office of the Federation and the local communities which counted only 6 communities at that time. Today the Federation includes 162 communities with total Jewish population of 500.000 people.

The main mission of the Federation is to develop and implement different humanitarian projects and charitable programmes to support Jews and restore the traditions and culture of the Jewish people. In the biggest cities and towns of Ukraine there are 36 sinagogues and 31 rabies. Jewish people from small towns and villages are also eager to restore their traditions and the Federation helps them in this. 29 Jewish schools and 33 kindergartens are already functioning in the different remote towns together with 4 yeshivas and 5 higher schools. During summer time Jewish children rest and learn laws and traditions of the Jewish celebrations in summer camps.

The Federation makes much effort to facilitate celebrations with Schluchim. With support of Federation different events take place during celebrations to get the people know the traditions and order of the celebrations. The Federation provides all the religious stuff needed for celebrations.

To all the towns and cities of Ukraine where Jewish people live Jewish printed matter is sent on regular basis. Every community has a Jewish library with best books on Jewish history, traditions and culture. Some of all the printed material comes from Israel, the rest is published in Ukraine. All the material is with Russian translation. Moreover there is plenty of audio and video material on Jewish history and culture. For every celebration the Federation publishes booklets about the history and traditions of the celebration. There are 17 newspapers published in the local communities.

The Federation has many foreign partners. Some of them are the Ministry of Education of Israel and the Embassy of The State of Israel in Ukraine and the biggest Jewish organizations all over the world.