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The Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine is an all-Ukrainian Jewish charitable organization founded at “The Jewish Communities and Organizations of Ukraine” Conference.
Since its creation, the Federation has striven to create regional associations as structural links for interaction between the central office of the Federation and local communities.
Regional associations began their work in 5 or 6 local communities. However, today, the Federation unites more than 163 communities in the cities where the Jewish population constitutes more than 500.000 people.
  • Wartime Aid ProgramThe Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, in wartime conditions, is implementing a program of assistance to the Jewish population throughout Ukraine. TO LEARN MORE
  • Federation newsBe aware of the Jewish communities’ life in Ukraine and all over the world!

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People imagine that since G‑d is not physical, therefore He must be in heaven. But the heavens—and all things spiritual—are just as much creations as the earth. Less dissonant, more harmonious, more lucid—but finite realms nonetheless. G‑d is not found in a place because it is big enough to contain Him or so magnificent that He belongs there. G‑d is found in whatever place He desires. And where does He desire most to be found? In the work of our hands, repairing His world. The heavens are filled with spiritual light. In the work of our hands dwells G‑d Himself...
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