Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine:


Chairman of the community: r. Dov Akselrot
Tel: +38 (0472) 39-05-19
Address: Baidy Vishnevetskogo St., 63, Cherkassy

Community history
Community activities

Community history

Jews appeared in Cherkassy in the late 16th century, when Ukraine's territory was covered by a wave of colonization (among the settlers of various nationalities were Jews from Poland).

The Jewish population was engaged primarily in grain trade and crafts, as well as tax-farming of alcoholic beverages in various towns of Cherkassy District. According to the census in 1897 in Cherkassy district of 300 thousand inhabitants 30,317 were Jews, including those in Cherkassy - 10950 Jews (with a total of 30,000 inhabitants). In 1910 12 979 Jews lived in Cherkassy.

In 1959 the Jewish population of Cherkassy was 5100 Jews (6% of total population). In the late 1950s Local authorities closed last functioning synagogue. Shklovsky synagogue (now a house) and the dilapidated Jewish cemetery were preserved.According to 1989 census Jewish population of Cherkassy was 3538, Jews in Cherkassy region - 6505.

Since the beginning of perestroika, when it was allowed to create the national-cultural society. Cherkassy Regional Society of Jewish Culture (Early 1989) was organized and Jews for the first time in many years had an opportunity to come together and solve their Jewish problems, almost openly receive newspapers and information about life in Israel.

Since the Jews in the city were not so much, and the number of Jewish organizations was more than 10 it was decided to create a citywide Jewish organization that would unite them and speak on behalf of all Jewish organizations. Thus, in early 1995 United Jewish Community of Cherkasy city public organization was created, a board which included the heads or representatives of Jewish organizations.

At the time of registration the community numbered 15 people. Every year the community has evolved and the number of community members increased. Over the years many communities have left for permanent residence in Israel and other countries.

Or-Avner Private secondary school № 770 was established in 2003. Director of School is Eugene Stepko.

The school has 40 students. Teachers' staff includes young professionals, the highest category teachers, trainers and honored teachers. In addition to core subjects for elementary school students work in Choreography, Young dreamers, skillful hands sections.