Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine:


Chairman of the community: r. Dov Akselrot
Tel: +38 (0472) 39-05-19
Address: Baidy Vishnevetskogo St., 63, Cherkassy

Community history
Community activities

Jewish Holidays

According to the Jewish history and tradition we celebrate all the Jewish holidays that are attended not only by the members of the community but by every Jew and his family.Every Jewish family in our town receives congratulations from the rabbi and the community via mail. The leaders of the city and region are invited to the holidays.


Every Friday is Kabbalat Shabbat led by P.Dov Akselrot and his wife Rebbetzin Chana and a prayer on Sabbath.In 2005 2 engagements and Chuppah (Jewish wedding) took place.Shabbat meal is attended by about 110 members of the community.Every Jew feels the holiness of this day during the meal once again. Everyone can fulfill the mitzvah of tfillin.

Strong family is the core value for every Jew.The members of the community have the opportunity to hold wedding ceremony according to the Jewish law. To stand under Huppah means to seal the marriage union before G‑d and spiritually ascend to a higher level.Rabbi Dov Akselrotot held two Huppas, one in the Synagogue of Cherkassy and the other in Smela.Each year trips to the graves of tzaddikim in Shpola and other cities are organized.


Every Jew can attend mikva.

Talmud Courses

Every Sunday rabbiDov Akselrot conducts classes for men to study the Talmud. 10 people attend the classes.

Torah Courses

Every morning after prayers the courses on religious literature and Torah studies take place at the synagogue.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Two times the holiday of bar-mitzvah took place.


12 people have been circumcised.One infant boy was circumcised as it should be on the 8th day, another - in a month (for health reasons).Two people were prepared by rabbi Dov Akselrot to be circumcised in Kiev.

Hevra Kadish

A service for funeral arrangements in compliance with Jewish tradition is created. Recently the city authorities had allocated a separate sector for the Jewish cemetery.The community also cares for the graves in a Jewish cemetery.