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Wine, Bananas at Farbrengen.

Среда, 03. Апрель, 2013 - 6:55

A Kinus Torah and farbrengen in Crown Heights had a limited refreshments on the table, but participants didn't mind.

By COLlive reporter

In accordance with the Rebbe's instruction, a Kinus Torah evening of learning was held in Kollel Menachem in Crown Heights on Thursday, chol hamoed Pesach.

Organized by the Merkaz Anash organization, it was a chance for chassidim and bochurim to hear and discuss topics in halacha and chassidus relating to Pesach.

Librarian and author Rabbi Berel Levine opened with explaining the background and sources of Chabad's stringent approach to food on Pesach.

OK rabbinical coordinator Rabbi Lazer Teitelbaum presented the issue of whether a first-born son, born via C-section, was considered a bechor and needs to fast on erev Pesach.

Oholei Torah mashpia Rabbi Michoel Chanoch Golomb brought explanations about Pesach and the Tefilas Tal from the mekubal R'Levi Yitzchok Schneerson, father of the Rebbe whose birthday was on 18 Nissan.

18 Nissan was also the day of the Rebbe's bris and a farbrengen that followed with Rabbi Golomb included stories about the Rebbe's unique youth. 

As Lubavitchers are careful not to "eat out" on Pesach, the organizer Rabbi Shmuel Pevzner had red wine, bottled water, oranges and bananas served as refreshments.

Either way, it was the content and the opportunity to learn and grow that drew people there, many of which warmly thanked the organizers and speakers for their time and efforts.


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