New guests in the Jewish city museum.

Пятница, 01. Июль, 2011 - 6:21

In the end of June the students of the 7th grades of the Krivoy Rog School of National Minorities in which the children of Ukrainians, Russians, Assirians, Greeks, Jews, Azerbaidjanians, Armenians, Romas learn attended the lecture on tolerance at the Mikhail Marmer Jewish Museum.

The lecture began with a psychological workshop. The children were offered to find similarities and differences between themselves in eye color, clothes, dates of birth and so forth to show how they are all similar and different at a time. This was very funny. Then the children found out the level of their personal tolerance toward themselves in the game called Mirror. It appeared that not everything is okay in this sphere and this was the time to talk about learning tolerance.

The multimedia lecture on xenophobia and tolerance created by the Tkuma Centre was very appropriate. The schoolchildren learned that all people are different and all together must create a world of comfort for everyone.

These children were only in the 7th form and they did not know anything about the Holocaust Catastrophe. Now they do. Moreover they realized that the Catastrophe was the result of the xenophobic non-tolerant policy of the government of Nazi.

When the time came to leave the museum the children said they would come often. After the lecture the children and their teachers set the dates of the future visits to the Museum and participation in the Tkuma Centre projects.


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