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The new season of the Kolel Torah program for women started in Mariupol


In the synagogue of Mariupol, the new season of the Kolel Torah program for women was ceremonially and festively opened. At the beginning, the participants of the program listened to the sound of in the shofar by the chief rabbi of Mariupol, Menachem Mendel Cohen.
The opening was pleasant - in the circle of friends who have not seen each other for a month. In the end, each participant received a gift from the Rebbetzin Esther Cohen - a mug and a sweet surprise.
"This program is a great opportunity to study Torah and be surrounded by family.. During this month I really missed the lessons of the Rebbetzin, "says activist of the project Irit Lyubitskaya, “it is a great pleasure to learn Esther. Thank you!”

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The pilgrimage center "Admor Azaken" opened a hotel complex


12 Elula (September 3) in Gadyach (Poltava region), a grand opening of the hotel complex took place in the pilgrimage center "Admor Azaken".
Now Jews all over the world can more comfortably make a pilgrimage to the Oel Rabi Shneur-Zalman bar-Baruch from Lyad (Alter Rebbe).
The Pilgrim Center provides pilgrims with:
- accommodation in the hotel of individual pilgrims and organized groups (hotel rooms / suites)- Kosher food in the restaurant and cafe
- mikvah, synagogue, library
- Transfer from the airports of Ukraine and much more.









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