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Jewish community of Kherson celebrated the New Year of Chassidism


On Sunday, in the banquet hall of the synagogue on Gorky, 27 a celebratory farbrengen was dedicated to the "Rosh Hashanah of Chassidism", called in the broad Jewish circles - Hasidic New Year. On this day in 1798 the founder of the Hasidic movement of Chabad - Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Lyadi (1745-1812), also known as the Alter Rebbe ("old Rebbe") - was released after sitting in prison in the Peter and Paul Fortress. This event was not just his personal liberation; it became a watershed in the history of Chassidism, heralding the beginning of a new era of disclosure of "internal" Torah.

Sunday night in the banquet hall of the synagogue a lot of stories were told about the life of the Righteous, and his… Читать дальше »

In Drobitsky Yar in Kharkiv the Jews who murdered by the Nazis were honored


The event was dedicated to the tragedy that occurred during the occupation of Kharkov by the Nazis in 1941-1942.

Just in one month - from December 1941 to January 1942 - in Drobitsky Yar were shot 16-20 thousand Jews. And the starting point of the tragedy was the day of December 14, 1941, when the order of the military commandant of Kharkov was issued: all Jews of the city within two days had to move to barracks in the HTZ area.

The memorial event was attended by representatives of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine, youth, representatives of national-cultural associations and the public. The present honored the memory of those who were killed in the ravine Drobitsky with a minute of silence. At the end of the ceremony the… Читать дальше »

Mariupol Jewish school of "Or Avner" celebrated the 19th of Kislev at a big farbrengen


Students of the Mariupol Jewish school cheerfully and joyfully celebrated the New Year of Hasidism. At first, the children were shown a film about the life of Shneur Zalman of Lyadi, Alterer Rebbe. Then they heard an interesting story about the origin of the Hasidic movement, and by splitting into teams, each made their own book about the story of the life of the Alter Rebbe, picking up facts and listening to the teacher's stories. When all the books were made a festive meal and a farbrengen awaited the students. 

“Bet-Chana” celebrated the 19th of Kislev


The International Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute 'Bet-Chana' celebrated the Chassidic New Year – 19th of Kislev, in honor of the Alter Rebbe – the founder of Hassidus from a Russian prison.

"Liberation Day", which is celebrated worldwide for the 218 time, was celebrated by the students and teachers of “Bet-Chana” for the first time in a large refectory hall, newly opened in the new building of the Institute.

At first, the girls were entertained by a program with games, competitions, quizzes and videos, and then - a great Chassidic farbrengen with exciting stories and Nigunim.

The girls with great enthusiasm and inspiration took part in the celebration and congratulated all their friends of… Читать дальше »

The Mariupol Jewish school "Or Avner" held a “Day of Knowledge”


The director of the school Bella Sotnikova told our website:

4th of December is an unusual day at school "Or Avner ". The guys decided to test the knowledge of each other in the Torah and the commandments. The younger group came up with challenging and interesting tasks for the senior guys. The last had to collect a puzzle, which they have prepared, and to define its subject..; name the 10 mivtzoim of the Rebbe and the 10 commandments of G-d. The guys coped with the tasks perfectly well! They also came up with serious and gaming tests and tasks for the Hanukkah theme for the middle group. Our students shared their knowledge about the festival and talked about what a real miracle is!





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'Beit Chana' invites students for the preparation of external testing

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International Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute 'Beit Chana', which recently moved to the city center, invites 11th graders and college graduates in the preparations for the "external evaluation" courses.

According to the manager of External Relations of the Moscow State Pedagogical 'Beit Chana' institute Tatyana Huseynova, this program is called "Preparing Jewish girls to enroll in higher education institutions of Ukraine",  classes already begin December 15, 2016 on the following subjects:

- Ukrainian language and literature;

- Mathematics;

- English;

- Biology:

- History of Ukraine.

"Education in our courses is based on the programs of external evaluation, - said Tatiana Huseynova - and it's… Читать дальше »

Jewish school and kindergarten of Kamensky received gifts for Chanukah


Students of the educational complex "Or Avner" in Kamensky city, which is located in a single complex with a synagogue "Beit Reuven" and community center "Beit Baruch", got  wonderful gifts in honor of Chanukkah.

This was announced by Chief Rabbi of Kamensky Levi Stambler on Facebook. "On the eve of the bright holiday of Chanukah, the children of our school and kindergarden recieved  new modern computer equipment. Thank you very much to the young man (who wants only the Almighty to know his name ...) for a wonderful and powerful gift! "- Wrote the rabbi.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine thanked the young man made this perfect gift for the holiday of Hanukkah.

May… Читать дальше »

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