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The Mariupol Jewish school held the monthly "shop"


By tradition, at the end of the month Mariupol Jewish school "Or Avner" held a promotional shop that all the students were waiting for with great impatience. Within a month the boys diligently earn "sheykel" by fulfilling the Torah commandments, good behavior, diligent study, active participation in the school life. And in the end they get the opportunity to choose a prize. The choice in the store is varied: school stationery, educational games, books and sports equipment, as well as computer gadgets and much more. Great demand for flash drives and headphones, but not only do the kids like electronics. Board games, sets for creativity and crafts are also in great demand.

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Zaporozhye held a Mivtsoim action


November 24, Zaporozhye held the Mivtsoim action, and this time the road led to Angolenko market in Zaporozhye. Messengers were able to meet with a respected member of the Jewish community of Zaporozhye - Evgeny Chertkov. 
Evgeny Chertkov - winner of many titles: Honored coach of Ukraine, Honored Coach of the USSR, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sport, an outstanding coach of modern times, an honorary citizen of the city of Zaporozhye. 
Evgeny willingly helped to make the Mivtzoim action on the territory of its cafes, during which Jews of Angolenko, in a comfortable environment were able to fulfill the commandment of "Tefillin." 





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First Stop: The Rebbe's Ohel


As Shluchim arrive for the annual Kinus, the first stop for many is the Rebbe's Ohel in Queens.

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Cold Weather Greets Shluchim


Among the millions of travelers wanting to skip the Thanksgiving rush are hundreds of Shluchim making their way to Brooklyn, NY, for the annual Kinus convention. 

On many of the flights landing in New York airports a black hatters can be seen picking up luggage and riding to either the Rebbe's Ohel in Queens or Crown Heights. 

In addition to discussions and farbrengens, Shluchim can expect cold temperatures and light rain showers in their first day of the Kinus beginning from the morning hours on Thursday.

"A weak storm system will pass by New York City on Thursday and bring a little rain to the city," AccuWeather Meteorologist Jordan Root said. "Temperatures will be in the middle 40s."

The… Читать дальше »

Last 48 Hours of Kinus Prep


In just under 48 hrs The international Kinus Hashluchim will commence where shluchim from all over the world will join together. 

In recent weeks Merkos suite 302 offices which includes the kinus office became the central place for kinus preparations. The place is buzzing with activity day and night as dozens of employees and volunteers working around the clock to take care of the small details to ensure the success of the kinus. 

Here is a sneak peak from the last few hours of preparation for the opening of the Kinus on Wedensday.

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The site in Chernivtsi Memorial Museum in the center of Bukovina started its work


In Chernivtsi the work on the creation of the Jewish memorial museum center of Bukovina has begun. The center is dedicated to the Holocaust; it will be located in the historic "Beit Kadishin" building - the House of farewell, in the Chernivtsi Jewish cemetery.

For the conceptual solution the Memorial Center exposition of the future museum and its filling Foundation invites designers, art dealers, historians, archivists. There is a fundraiser for "Beit Kadishin" restoration of the building, which for many years has been used for other purposes, and gradually destroyed.

To focus on the efforts a web site was created for the memorial museum center where the actual work on the project, fundraising information and… Читать дальше »

Accomplishment of the Jewish section of the cemetery will be engaged in Uzhgorod by the Hungarian-Jewish society


The burial in the Jewish cemetery of the sector is not carried out since 2006

The Board of Uzhgorod city council gave permission to society Hungarian Jews to work on improvement of the sector Jewish graves at the cemetery in Uzhgorod on the street. Stefanik, 2.

The decision stipulates that the worker cemetery beautification project should agree in the management of urban planning and architecture and urban management department.

These two structural subdivisions of the City Council shall also ensure monitoring and acceptance of the performed work.



The city Lyuboml (Volyn region.) unveiled a plaque in honor of the city's Jewish community


A plaque was unveiled the district center of Lyuboml Volyn in honor of the city's Jewish community.

The plaque was officially opened on the site where once stood the Great Synagogue. The opening took place with the assistance of Volyn Progressive Judaism religious community.

The opening ceremony was attended by the executive director of the Volyn religious community of Progressive Judaism Shvardovsky Sergei, director of regional museum Liuboml Alexander Ostapyuk, local ethnographer Nikolai Dzey and members of the Volyn religious Jewish community, residents and of  Lyuboml district.

On the territory of Lyuboml until 1941 there were about eight thousand Jews after the war, now there are a little more than fifty.

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Inclusion of kindness and timidity - happiness at the "Children's world"

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Participants of the program "Older brother / older sister" invited children with special needs from the ORC "Maale" to spend  some  time in Igroland "Children's Planet" - and the kids received a lot of positive emotions, joy and happiness from this trip.

For the children from ORC "Maale" visiting this wonderful place together with friends was almost a fairy tale.

"A huge, 200 square meters, bright room with a colorful design which embodied all the fantasies of the child. You couldn’t miss the look at the faces of our pupils who came here for the first time – they got a splash of excitement and emotion! Children were entertained for 3 hours. How cool is it that… Читать дальше »

Dr. Igor Shchupak spoke in the UN about the memory of the Holocaust in Ukraine


Dr. Igor Shchupak spoke at the United Nations (New York) with a report during a panel discussion on the theme "Holocaust remembrance and public memorials: the complexity and challenges of the past", which took place on November 2nd.

Director of the Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies "Tkumah" and the Museum "The memory of the Jewish people and the Holocaust in Ukraine", Dr. Igor Shchupak described the experience of educational and scientific work on the study of the Holocaust in Ukraine and, in particular, the events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the tragedy of Babi Yar.

Together with Dr. Shchupak, leading Holocaust researchers and scientists from Brazil, Ukraine, Japan, Israel, the USA… Читать дальше »

A memorial service was held in Mariupol


A mourning rally dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the mass executions of Jewish civilians was held near the memorial in the village Agrobaza in Mariupol.

Before starting the meeting, the participants visited a memorial plaque with the inscription “to the Prisoners of the ghetto who were killed by the Nazis. 1941”. After the laying of the flowers, the participants went to the village Agrobaza, to the the memorial complex "Menorah". Here, in the place of mass executions of the Jewish population, the present remembered their loved ones.

The meeting began with an opening speech of the Chief Rabbi of Mariupol Menachem Mendel Cohen, who noted that the most important thing - is to remember and never remain… Читать дальше »

Mariupol synagogue the participants of the #Enerjew project held a raffle dedicated to the holidays of the month of Tishrei.


Before the beginning of the month of Tishrei the club members independently developed crosswords dedicated to holidays. They also had a larger auction among the members of the community, extending it to all comers.

Participants held a raffle: mugs with the logo of the club Enerjew and wishes for a happy and sweet year. The first prizes were already awarded, others will be awarded in the coming days.

"It was very unusual and interesting – to invent the crossword puzzle - questions, answers and tasks - says one of the activists Alexander Oleynikov - we gave out crossword to the participants, before the holidays and in the sukkah. I did not expect that there will be so many coupons in the box-.We are already thinking how… Читать дальше »

The Jewish community in Kamensky held a charity event on Sukkot


More than three hundred members of the community - pensioners, the disabled, the poor - got "New-Year" gifts. For those who had difficulties to personally come to the synagogue "Beit Reuven" delivery kits were sent to their homes. Special thanks to the community volunteers and UCMJ "Or Avner". It is nice that the laws of charity, tzedakah fulfillment of the commandments remain unforgettable foundation of the Jewish life.







The Mariupol Jewish school "Or Avner" had preparations for the memorial meeting


Along with the main occupations the Mariupol Jewish school Ohr Avner completed preparations for the memorial meeting Holocaust. After a week of commemoration an event will be held in the village of "Agrobaza" where children traditionally perform in front of people who will come to honor the memory of executed Jews.

In addition to rehearsals on Sunday the kids studied the Torah Portion "Bereshit" (about the creation of the world). 






A mobile sukkah was built in Zaporozhye for the Sukkot holiday


A mobile sukkah was built, which moved around the city. All willing citizens of Jewish nationality had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Sukkot holiday and perform the "lulav" commandment in the sukkah.

Also, the Shliach Moshe Chernoy fulfilled the mitzvah, and visited the people who cannot come to the synagogue sukkah, so they could perform one of the most important commandments on The Sukkot holiday.





The 12 tribes of Israel are painted on the fence of the Odessa school


Odessa art studio «Peach» Launches for decoration project of local schools. The first art experiment was supported by the school "Chabad Or Avner" on the street Pirogov, 9.

 These artists plan to add more color to the life of the school by painting the facade of the building, as well as the walls of the gyms. This was announced by the project manager Alex Shkurat.

According to Alexei, the subject for the registration of the schools will be selected depending on the area where it is located, and the type of educational establishment (children or high school, specialized).

After completion of the work on the artistic appearance of "Chabad Or Avner", the artists begin to design the Odessa… Читать дальше »

The Lubavitcher Rebbes Street


In many countries there are streets named after the great prominent thinker and spiritual leader of the world - the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Now there is another street like this in the city Kamenka.

The idea to name a street in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe appeared during the construction of a new synagogue. A year ago, a letter was sent to the city authorities with a proposal to rename part of the street. And so, after considering the different levels of city government, public hearings, the Jewish community is celebrating this momentous for all residents of the Kamensky city event.

October 19, 2016, a rally was held, dedicated to the renaming of the street. “Arsenicheva” to the street named… Читать дальше »

A meeting will be held in Dnipro on the 2nd of Novemver!


The date of the annual mourning event dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the mass executions of the Jews by the Nazi occupiers of Dnepropetrovsk has been announced.

 The meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 2 at 15:00, near the monument to Holocaust victims in the Gagarin park.

 Please come to honor the memory of the innocent victims!

 The bus is leaving the "Golden Rose" synagogue at 14:30.


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