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Preserving Jewish culture in Lviv region.

In May in Lviv the project "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" started for the third time already. The participants will be able to attend lectures on history of Jewish communities of the region, Hebrew, cartography, working with primary sources, study the characteristics of reading inscriptions on tombstones and prepare for expeditions in the region.

The first such trip was to Univ, Dunayev and Peremyshlyani.

The first point of this little expedition — the town of Dunayev (Peremyshlyany district). The Hillel students first found this cemetery in 2012. It was not easy to determine the exact location. The ruins are still almost invisible in the of long grass and hidden deep in the forest.

No one knows when and by whom the… Читать дальше »

Ukraine and Israel to sign trade agreement.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to sign a free trade agreement with Israel long negotiated so far.

The Press Service of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade announced on May, 22nd meeting of the Minister of Economic Development of Ukraine Pavlo Sheremeta with the Ambassador of Israel to Kiev Reuven Din El.

"One of the key issues in the economic and trade relations is the continuation of the negotiation process for a bilateral free trade agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the State of Israel," - the statement reads.

Mr. Din El called for strengthening of trade and economic relations between the two countries and also noted that the Israeli government has already… Читать дальше »

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