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Seders in Dnepropetrovsk.

Grandiose public Seders in Dnepropetrovsk passed in the halls of the Menorah world's largest Jewish center. Only the first seder involved nearly 900 people. Several hundred people took part in the seder which took place on the second night of the holiday.

Besides the seders for members of the Jewish community of Dnepropetrovsk the Seders for the families from Israel and other countries were arranged. These families which were over eighty decided to spend the Pesach holiday in Dnepropetrovsk within the frameworks of the Royal Passover program. The Seders were held in the Menorah Ballroom Hall.


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The Passover Program of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine.

Recently a big Jewish holiday which lasted eight days passed. This holiday symbolizes freedom from oppression and slavery in which Jews were for almost 4 centuries. This holiday is the Passover – the manifestation of freedom and release from bondage.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine conducts a special program of Passover every year. This program includes extensive assistance to Jewish communities in the organization of Seders, visits of Shluchim, providing kosher products for Passover - matzo, kosher grape juice and wine and printed materials - brochures about Pesach and brief and extended and complete Haggadahs so that Passover celebration in local communities continued the cultural and spiritual heritage of the… Читать дальше »
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