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Purim in Zhitomir.

The holy Baal Shem Tov, founder of Chassidism, said that one who reads the story of Purim as a historical tale with no relevance to our times does not fully fulfill his obligation. 

With the latest upheavals in Ukraine, it is easy for us to see the eternal  timeliness of the Purim story, for each generation has its difficult periods, yet our faith in G-d pulls us through, just as it did in the times of Purim.

It is with these thoughts that we celebrated an extra joyous Purim in Zhitomir.

Your support and assistance helped us, as always, to bring the joy of Purim to the Jews of Zhitomir.

May we carry the joy of Purim into the holiday of Pesach, as the Jews of Ukraine and throughout the world will celebrate with… Читать дальше »

Russian and Ukrainian rabis issued a joint statement on the situation in Ukraine.

The rabbis of Russia and Ukraine issued a joint statement on the situation in Ukraine. The statement reads :

Dear brothers!

We the rabbis in Russia and Ukraine, at this solemn hour see our duty to call on all parties and above all our co-religionists, to search for peace and understanding. We understand that there are political issues, but religious people, especially religious leaders and community leaders, should not intrude into the sphere of their politicians. Do not forget that any inconsiderate word can provoke bad consequences for many people. But our religion is a religion of peace, and our duty is to call for mutual understanding and respect, our preaching has always been based on the fact that any problem between people should… Читать дальше »

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