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Ariel Sharon dies after 8-year fight for his life.

Netanyahu calls former PM ‘courageous warrior,’ lauds his ‘central role in the struggle for the security of Israel’. Body to lie in state at Knesset today. State funeral planned for tomorrow at Negev ranch.


Sharon, one of the most important and controversial figures in Israel’s history, died on Saturday afternoon at Sheba Medical Center at the age of 85.

Sharon, who fought terrorists in his military career and rivals in politics, lost the final battle for his health more than eight years after the stroke that ended his six decades of public service.

Following Sharon’s death, his sons Gilad and Omri, who had remained by his side during his hospitalization, went to the family’s Sycamore… Читать дальше »

Educational Quality Assessment to honor applicants' religion.

"During the 2014 external evaluation the religious beliefs of applicants will be taken into account." - said the director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment Mrs. Irina Zaytseva at a press conference.

"Every year some people refuse to pass tests on Saturday due to their religion. This year we will have one of the subject tests on Saturday. If a man or woman refuse to be tested on Saturday they must apply with a separate application form in which they must clear up their refusal as to testing on Saturday. Then the applicants can be registered for an additional session" – Mrs. Zaytseva said.

She also noticed that the Center for Educational Quality Assessment received complaints of those… Читать дальше »

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