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"Iron Lady" Thatcher Dies.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a friend of Israel despite a rocky relationship withMenachem Begin, has died. She honored the Rebbe's "inspiration."

By COLlive and news wires

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who had a good relatinship with England's Jewish community and was considered a good friend of Israel despite a rocky relationship with Prime MinisterMenachem Begin, has died.

Thatcher died Monday after suffering a stroke. She was 87.

The only female to serve as prime minister of Britain, she also was the longest continuously serving prime minister in the 20th century, leading the country and her Conservative Party from 1979 to 1990.

Thatcher was supportive of… Читать дальше »

Wine, Bananas at Farbrengen.

A Kinus Torah and farbrengen in Crown Heights had a limited refreshments on the table, but participants didn't mind.

By COLlive reporter

In accordance with the Rebbe's instruction, a Kinus Torah evening of learning was held in Kollel Menachem in Crown Heights on Thursday, chol hamoed Pesach.

Organized by the Merkaz Anash organization, it was a chance for chassidim and bochurim to hear and discuss topics in halacha and chassidus relating to Pesach.

Librarian and author Rabbi Berel Levine opened with explaining the background and sources of Chabad's stringent approach to food on Pesach.

OK rabbinical coordinator Rabbi Lazer Teitelbaum presented the issue of whether a first-born son, born via C-section… Читать дальше »

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