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Dinner Salutes 'Dropout Yeshiva'.

A dinner at Tel Aviv's Ocean hall honored a yeshiva for boys from frum families that don't fit in the educational system.

By COLlive reporter

10 years and 200 students later, a group of supporters and alumni gathered last week to celebrate the accomplishments of a unique Chabad yeshiva in northern Israel.

Chanoch Lanaar in Tzfas, headed by Rabbi Eliezer Wilschanskyand Rabbi Schneur Lipsker, caters to boys from frum families who don't fit in the educational system.

This alternative school offers a professional and caring staff who combine learning Torah and chassidus with general studies.

There's classes for drama, music, gardening, CPR, computer programming, and gym and tennis time. They also enjoy swimming, sports… Читать дальше »

Boston Rebbe Joins Celebration.

Bostoner Rebbe Naftali Horowitz attended the dedication of a Torah in memory of a Chabad regular,Moshe Shimon Brown.

Prior to Purim, Chabad House of Greater Boston celebrated the dedication of a new Sefer Torah in memory of Moshe Shimon Brown, by his family.

Brown was a member of the Chabad Boston community and a dedicated friend of the Chabad House.

The ceremony was led by Rabbi Chaim Prus, Chabad Regional Director of Eastern Massachusetts and Rabbi Shmuel Posner, Rabbi of Chabad House of Greater Boston.

The Sefer Torah was concluded on the Boston University campus at the Elie Wiesel Center and the procession continued to the Chabad House of Greater Boston where participants took part in traditional… Читать дальше »

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