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Picture of the Day: All the Shluchim in One Photo.

One of the highlights of the annual Kinus Hashluchim was the picture of all Shluchim taken each year, with the Rebbes encouragement, in front of 770. As it is each year, this years picture was larger then ever!

Photo of larger size.

New Venue for Kinus Hashluchim Gala Banquet.

shmuli_kinus_13 (1).jpgAfter an extensive search for a suitable location for the Gala Banquet of Kinus HaShluchim 5774, the organizers of the Kinus unveil their choice. The Banquet, one of the largest events of its kind in New York City, is a celebration of the worldwide Shluchim and the Chabad Lubavitch movement.

In 2010, Pier 12 Brooklyn Cruise Terminal was a good fit to house the Banquet. Large enough to host the thousands of Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim and supporters and an easy drive from Crown Heights.  As the ranks of Shluchim and their guests grow steadily, an even bigger venue was sought for this year.

The Vaad Hakinus announces that this year’s Banquet will take place at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal. The 110,000 square… Читать дальше »

Kinus Day Ends With Farbrengen.

After a day of sessions at the Marriott, Shluchim gathered at Oholei Torah in Crown Heights for dinner and a Farbrengen.

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