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Kinus Day Spent in Sessions.

Shluchim participating in the 5774 Kinus Hashluchim gathered at the Marriott Hotel in Brooklyn for a day of workshops and sessions.

Photos: First Morning of the Kinus.


This morning, the first of the Kinus, the Shluchim began their day with the study of Chassidus in 770. For Shachris, the Rebbe’s study and the entire area around it were packed, while many others davened in one of the downstairs minyanim or in the Ohel.

After Shachris, the Shluchim sat down to a hearty breakfast in the Oholei Torah ballroom, arranged by the Kinus Hashluchim committee.

Kinus 5774 is soon.

uXsp6967198.jpgWith two weeks remaining to the Kinus Hashluchim, the Vaad Hakinus are working round the clock to lay the groundwork for yet another successful Kinus.
This year’s Kinus will start on Wednesday the 26nd of Cheshvan (October. 30th) and conclude on Sunday the 30th of Cheshvan (November. 3rd), with the official opening of the Kinus being the Shabbos Chayei Sarah Farbrengen with the Meshaleiach, the Rebbe, and hopefully we will be Zoiche to hear a Sicha dedicated to the Shluchim.
The Kinus program will begin on Wednesday evening, with two days fully dedicated to workshops, meetings and discussions: Thursday and Sunday. Renowned Shluchim will lead the discussions and workshops, sharing their experience and success in… Читать дальше »
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