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Meeting-requiem. Chernivtsi.

January 28, 2012 at the Jewish People's House, Chernivtsi region gathered all the Jews for what used to honor the memory of those who tragically died during the Holocaust. Was organized by the Jewish community of the city and Chernovtsy Jewish school № 41. In the hall of the Jewish national home together who knows first hand the terrible war, when Jews were murdered without trial, simply because they were Jewish.

The rally was attended by Governor of Chernivtsi region MM Papiyev, Chairman of the Regional Council of MI Gaynicheru, Deputy Mayor O.E.Paskar, representatives of all Jewish organizations in Chernivtsi region, the Chief Rabbi of Chernovtsy region MM Glitsenschteyn and Chief Rabbi of Chernovtsy region Noah Kofmansky, students… Читать дальше »

What is the Tu-Bishvat?

Tu-Bishvat is the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat (in 2013 falls on January 26) is celebrated as the "New Year for Trees."

Exactly middle of the month, a full moon day, this time of year is extended by almost two hours. It is a time when the very early flowering trees in the Land of Israel are awakening from its winter sleep and begin a new cycle of fruiting.

Formally, the new year of trees is related to different types of tithes, which were separated from the crop grown in the Holy Land. These tithes were different in different periods of seven series Schmitt. The starting point from which formed fruits were considered related to next year's crop, and was on Tu-Bishvat.

This holiday is celebrated since time immemorial.… Читать дальше »

"Open Shabbat" in the "Bet Hana"

International Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute "Bet Hana" have announced the "Open Sabbath" for Jewish girls and their parents from all localities in the post-Soviet space. This program is part of informing potential students about the benefits and opportunities of the "Bet Hana".

"Open Shabbat" will begin January 25, 2013!

The program includes:

- Introduction to the institution, the terms of learning the rules of admission;

- Games and Entertainment;

- Excursion to the center "Menorah";

- As well as the celebration of Tu B Shevat - New Year for Trees.

"Open Shabbat" in the "Bet Hana", reports the institute administration, it is not only a pleasant holiday… Читать дальше »

The junior school pupils are ready for Tu B'Shvat.

Yesterday, the Prachi Chaim Sunday school at the Sochnut Jewish Agency in Krivoy Rog classes on the upcoming Trees New Year – the Tu Bishvat holiday took place. Valeria Burda organized very interesting and entertaining pastime for the children.

In the beginning, she told the story of the holiday of Tu Bishvat, introduced everyone with its traditions and customs. Then boys and girls took part in the quiz "What should be on the table this holiday?"

The most exciting part of the training was a master class in which the children planted seeds of different flowers to the cups decorated by them. All participants gave the names to their future plants and in the spring the sprouted seedlings will be transplanted into the ground.… Читать дальше »

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