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Gan Yisroel summer camp opened in Nikolayev.

On May, 31 the Ohr Menachem school opened the Gan Yisroel summer camp. This year it is called “The key to salvation”. It will be hidden and the children will look for it with their Madrichim and educators. Some help in this quest will be provided by the intern girls from Israel who prepared an interesting program for every day.

The first day was all fun – for it was the acquaintance day. The school principal M. Kislovskaya and the camp director E. Kalugina congratulated the children with the beginning of summer vacation and the beginning of camp. After that the children got acquainted with the Madrichim and group leaders and got the names of their groups.

Madrichim are creative and restless peolpe, so the first day… Читать дальше »

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