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New Rebe's shluchim to Mariupol.

A new family of Lubavichesky Rebe envoys arrived to Mariupol synagogue for a long-term period. Aaron and Haya Kaganovsky’s family will be involved in the community programs assisting in various community activities which are to help Mariupol Jews to come nearer to the traditions of ancestors.

Haya Kaganovskaya, the graduate of the Kharkov university, will work in the Simha nursery school and teach history and traditions of the Jewish people and also take active part in work the Naches women's club.

Aaron Kaganovsky, the graduate of the Berdichev Tomhey-Tmimim Yeshiva, will conduct Torah lessons for the senior generation of the community, work with the minyan and the youth of the synagogue, and also carry out the role of… Читать дальше »

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