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Sandy Is Not Invited to the Kinus.


Over 4,500 are expected to attend the Kinus Hashluchim next week, but with airports currently closed and the Hudson River overflowed, organizers are hoping for quick restoration.

With just a week ago, organizers of the international convention of Chabad Shluchim are waiting to see how the now downgraded to post-tropical superstorm will affect the annual gathering.

Floods, fires and high winds were widely spread in the east coast in the past 24 hours, leaving around 6.5 million without electricity in one of the biggest storms to ever hit the United States.

Nearly 14,000 flights have been cancelled, subways and buses halted in major cities and the federal government shutdown in Washington.

New York City's subway is likely… Читать дальше »

The world's largest Jewish center "Menorah" in Dnipropetrovsk open for all!

The world's largest Jewish center "Menorah" in Dnipropetrovsk open for all!

From 10 AM to 8 PM the center has been visited by some 10,000 people.

The format of the opening was a “family holiday”. Each visitor could see the center on excursions, participate in fun contests, get a portrait of a Jewish artist, enjoy kosher meals and listen to music performed by the team of klezmer music. The children were able to attend special activities for children, game and creativity playgrounds, clowns entertained them, showed a bubble show, and get a cheerful picture on their faces. All visitors were also able to visit the tour at the Museum "The memory of the Jewish people and the Holocaust in Ukraine."

This… Читать дальше »

Tishrey holidays in Cherkassy kindergarten.

Children of the Cherkassy Jewish kindergarten were very interested to learn what is the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, as they celebrate it, what to eat during that holiday and why. They also learned about a special day of Yom Kippur, what Jews do that day as well as what they do not.

As Sukkot came and children with parents were sitting in the sukkah listening to rabbi, then surely they remembered the stories of educators about the holiday, about the sukkah they built in the kindergarten, the arbaa minim and so on.

Of course, children with their parents came to the synagogue on Simchat Torah and danced with the Torah. About this holiday children have learned a lot in kindergarten, where stories, staging, children's drawings and works… Читать дальше »

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