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The Chief Rabbi of Russia visited the Zhitomir Community.

During the trip the guest was accompanied by the Director of the Or Avner International Fund Dovid Mondshayn, the head of the Israeli branch of the Or Avner Fund Shlomo Peles and the Director of the Or Avner Fund in the CIS Rabbi Chaim Friedman.

The visit of the honored guest to Zhytomyr began with a visit to the Alum social rehab center for Jewish children.  The kids gave the visitors a large photograph of all the graduates and students of center. After this the guests had a meeting with the leadership of the Jewish community and the center and lunch.

After that the distinguished delegation from Moscow visited the Zhytomyr Or Avner high school, its synagogue and the museum of Memory of the Holocaust. The excellent mark… Читать дальше »

Chanukkah in Mariupol.

On the 1st of Tevet (the 26th of  December 2011) the first part of Chanukah party for Mariupol students of the STARS programme  took place in the Iceberg entertaining complex.

The second part of the party was held in Mariupol synagogue and began with a solemn lighting of the seventh Chanukah candle by the student of the STARS programme Andrey Grodsky. Then celebratory farbrengen with songs and dances and a table full of various meals started. The Chief Rabbi of Mariupol  Menahem Mendel Cohen told the students about the miracle that had occurred more than two thousand years ago.

Some games had been prepared for the students, the questions of which were connected with history and traditions of the Jewish people. So… Читать дальше »

Public Menorah in Sumy.

Seven years ago was the first time Sumy Ukraine saw a public Menorah. It was in the middle of what is now known as ‘the orange revolution’ and there was little hope that the government would allow a public menorah.

Now at a Chanukah celebration for government officials and businessmen, Mr. Mark Abramavich (then a government official) revealed his first thoughts upon seeing the Rabbi and why he agreed to help make the Menorah go up.

“It was the first time in my life that I had seen a real Rabbi. As he walked in, I said to myself - this is a figure from the past. This is how Rabbis looked a thousand years ago and this is how they will look another thousand years. What is happening outside on the streets - is uncertain and… Читать дальше »

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