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Chupa in Krivoy Rog.

On Av 15 a chupa for Vladimir and Galina Shufotinsky took place in the Beis Stern Schullman synagogue in Krivoy Rog. The official wedding ceremony “Chupa ve-Kidushin” was carried out by the chief rabbi of Krivoy Rog and the region Leron Ederi.

Reb Leron read the text of the marriage contract – ktuba, “Sheva-Brachot”, the traditional wedding blessings were read by rabbis Levi Zelikson, Menachem-Mendel Strassberg and Yakov-Dovid Shamrayevsky.

After the official part the people proceeded to the synagogue restaurant where relatives and friends congratulated the Shufotinskys and raised Lechaim.

In his speech to the spouses rabbi Leron Ederi noted that not every pair manages to confirm their love and faithfulness… Читать дальше »

Good memory of the zadik. News from Kherson.

In the omb or the zadik.Last Thursday saw many members of the Kherson Jewish community come to the tomb of the Jewish zadik Hilel to honor the next memorial date of this extraordinary person.

As usual it was very clear in the tomb. Candles were lit right on the tombstone. After the prayer the chief rabbi of Kherson Yossef Itzhak Wolff told about the extraordinary life of the zadik whose name is to be proud of by any Jew from the following generations.

The inscription on the marble slab which was edited by the Lyubavitch Rebe Menachem-Mendel Schneerson reads that “arava kodesh” (holy rabbi, rabbi zadik, rabbi chassid, genius rabbi) is buried here.

For many years this day of 11th of Av many Kherson citizens gather at the tomb of this zadik who is… Читать дальше »

All year long care in Krivoy Rog.

It is summer outside but despite the vacations and holidays the management of the Keren Yedidut fund has no time to waste. Taking care of everyone is the number one priority for this wonderful fund. Thereby 80 children of the Krivoy Rog Jewish community received the food products packs in June.

«We received these food products pack right when we needed it – says one of mothers – because the today prices are far more then we can afford. My husband is handicapped and he receives just some government payment for his invalidity. I am on maternity leave and have only a benefit for my little child. For the money saved some drugs for my husband or some toys for our child will be purchased".

The mothers who got… Читать дальше »

Bar-mizva of the son of the Nikolayev rabbi Sholom Gottlib.

In month of Tamuz 5771 the son of the chief rabbi of Nikolayev Sholom Gottlib and rabanit Dina Gottlib Meer-Shlomo had bar-mizva. The event dedicated to the prominent date took place in the hall of the Nikolayev synagogue where the son of the rabbi and his parents received congratulations from multiple guests from Ukraine, Russia, Israel and other countries.

Especially touching was the congratulation of the father of Meer-Shlomo – the rabbi of Nikolayev Sholom Gottlib who told about importance of accomplishment of bar-mizva, gave his son the dollar from the Rebe and thanked everyone present at the event. The grandfather and grandmother were present at the holiday as well. They came from Israel to attend the bar-mizva of their… Читать дальше »

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