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Repair in the Zaporozhye Jewish school.

During the summer holidays the Jewish school of Zaporozhye does not close its doors but renews them. This is a little repair of the main entrance to the school. It will look different both outside and inside.

A pleasant working atmosphere is in the school with light scent of the materials used. The work is going on and the administration of the school hopes everything will be finished soon.

New grass sprang out of the new football play ground which the young football players dreamt for a long time. Due to the proper attitude to the raising Jewish children this dream came true. This gift appeared in the school during the summer holidays and will certainly give much fun to children.

Everybody in the school is busy with the preparations… Читать дальше »

Western Wall opened in Kherson.

The Ceremony of opening of the Jewish Open Air Museum took place recently in Kherson, Ukraine. The representatives of the Jewish community and the society and the city government were present at the ceremony.

The event was opened by the Director of the Jewish Secondary School of Kherson Igor’ Levin who gave the possibility to speak to the people whose ideas on sowing tolerance and interethnic unity of the citizens are materialized in this Museum – the deputy of the City Head Sergey Cherevko and the Head of the Jewish community and the chief rabbi of Kherson and the Kherson region Yosef-Itskhok Wollf.

Sergey Cherevko told that much work is being done by the government of the city to unite the national minorities and work out… Читать дальше »

Wort in Krivoy Rog.

On Tamuz 5 (June 7) a ceremony of wort of Yom-Tov Shufotinskiy and Leora Pustovaya has been held in Krivoy Rog. Relatives of Yom-Tov and Leora were present at the ceremony which was held in the Beis Stern Schullmann Synagogue restaurant. The chief rabbi of Krivoy Rog Liron Ederi congratulated the young and said he was very happy that one more Jewish family will soon appear in the community. The fathers of Leora and Yom-Tov Chaim and Vladimir also congratulated them and wished them love and happiness.

Then the central moment of the wort came – the traditional ritual of kinyan as a sign that the two firmly decided to create a Jewsih family. Yom-Tov raised the gartl (the prayer belt of men) symbolizing the responsibility undertaken by… Читать дальше »

Guests from Moscow in Beis Stern Schullmann synagogue

Recently the Krivoy Rog synagogue received guests from Moscow, Russia. It was Grigoriy Barnopol'skiy, the Art Director of the Kaskadyor Moscow Stuntmen Theatre. This visit was a significant event for him for he was born and raised in this city.

The excursion about the synagogye and the visit to the Mikhail Marmer Museum were constantly interrupted with the memories of the honored guest. He heartily memorized the Glinki street before the War, about his youth years which he spent in a musical and circus education establishment and even his trip to Stalindorf where, as he said, the Jews were "not like in the city, they still lived according to the Jewish tradition".

And one more important thing. Grigoriy Barnopol'skiy came… Читать дальше »

A gift for the Jewish children of Nikolayev.

The students of the Nikolayev Ohr-Menachem school keep in touch with the school all summer long. The founder of the School r. Sholom Gottlieb, rabanit Dina Gottlieb and the school administration apply all efforts to make the summer as fun and healthy as possible.

This summer is not an exclusion. The summer camp finished and every child got great impressions and a wonderful video film about the camp.

The Jewish community of Nikolayev and the rabi of Nikolayev were always generous to provide surprises for Jewish children. This time the children were invited to the Vodoley Water Entertainment Center. This was a real gift! The children had so much fun sliding from the slides and rushing into the waterfalls. In the sport pool children could… Читать дальше »

MAzel Tov, Alina and David!

Congratulations with son!The Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine congratulates the Director of the Federation Alina Teplitskay and her husband David Kulava with birth of a son!

All the communities of the Federation join in congratulating and wish Alina and David wisdom in bringing up their son! With G-d's help raise the son, a real man, for the Torah, Chupa and good deeds! Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov! 


Happiness is yours today,
A celebration came!
Congratulations from all friends,
All hear the fame!
Intelligence and health to child,
Wisdom and good will!
Raise the baby for Torah, Chupa
And really perfect… Читать дальше »

News from Pervomaysk (Nikolayev region).

Silence rests now in the Pervomaysk synagogue for summer has come. Lessons in the Jewish Center for Development of Children are over. The children learned much new and interesting during the year and found many friends for they are all children of one nation. But this silence is temporary. Soon the summer camp will start where the children will meet their friends again, check and consolidate the knowledge of Jewish traditions, get healthier and surely have fun. But at present the synagogue harbors the aged people with their talks, meals and prayers.

New guests in the Jewish city museum.

In the end of June the students of the 7th grades of the Krivoy Rog School of National Minorities in which the children of Ukrainians, Russians, Assirians, Greeks, Jews, Azerbaidjanians, Armenians, Romas learn attended the lecture on tolerance at the Mikhail Marmer Jewish Museum.

The lecture began with a psychological workshop. The children were offered to find similarities and differences between themselves in eye color, clothes, dates of birth and so forth to show how they are all similar and different at a time. This was very funny. Then the children found out the level of their personal tolerance toward themselves in the game called Mirror. It appeared that not everything is okay in this sphere and this was… Читать дальше »

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