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Goodbye, Holiday Camp!

The Holiday Camp is over. 40 students of the Krivoy Rog Jewish School were there during the first month. Many events made the children’s life there interesting and filled with joy.

On Mondays, the days of joy and blessings, Tatyana Romanyuk organized a competition named Make Your Friend Laugh. After that rebezn Miri Strassberg created with the children hand made things with blessings which the children took home with them.

The next day was creative as well. This was the day of charity and the children made zdaka boxes and decorated them on their own manner. One more topic of the day was the Merry Zoo and madrichim decided to add some Jewish traditions. The children drew animals and cut them out of paper and gathered them for the… Читать дальше »

Summer Camp in Nikolayev.

One may think that after the last school bell rang for the last time the children would say buy to their school and forget it till September. But the students of the Nikolayev Ohr Menachem School did not hurry to do so. The school is so comfortable and pleasing to them that they were waiting for the school summer camp. 

During the first summer month the Jewish children had active rest, strengthened their health, developed themselves, studied Jewish traditions, communicated. The camp traditionally combined excellent traditional Jewish traits and of course all awaited for something new. And they got it.

A good tradition is to gather around the camp fire together with the children, mentors and parents. The children presented… Читать дальше »

New Temple in Nikolayev.

The power of Jews is in their children. M. Schneerson.

On June 22 in the Chaya Mushka kindergarten of Nikolayev an event called The Construction Day took place.  

The children divided into several teams. The teachers were the leaders of the teams but the jury consisted of the children of the older group. The kindergarten turned into a construction site the teams began to build the New Temple. The jury watched and assessed the work of the teams.

The children from the group number 2 were the winners. The group number 1 was the second.

The teachers and parents watched with interest at the competition and all the participants were awarded for their creativity and unity and solidarity. This Construction Day in the kindergarten… Читать дальше »

This must not happen again! The meeting in Lugansk.

June, 22 is the sad date of the beginning of the World War Two. This dreadful war took so many lives including the lives of many Jews who lived in Lugansk at that time. On June 22, 2011 the WWT memorial with the name “No forgetting, no forgiving” gathered the government representatives, Jews, students of the Beit Menachem school, veterans and youth. Here in 1942 some 4 thousand people were brutally killed most of them being Jews. All speakers underlined that such things must not happen ever again. We must not allow this. We must raise children and educate youth in spirit of tolerance toward other nations and saw kindness and spirituality. Then the chief rabi of the Lugansk region Shalom Gopin read the memorial prayer. After… Читать дальше »

Children usually grow.

Recently in the Kherson synagogue a holiday of bar and bat mitzvah took place. Four pupils of the Jewish school became bar and bat mitzvahs.

They were two boys, Menachem-Mendel Gritsenko and Leonid Ugrak, and two girls Karina Sargsyan and Avital’ Sokolovskaya.

As tradition goes they promised to grow spiritually. Karina Sargsyan will take a Jewish name Naomi next Shabbat which is translated as “pleasant”. Avital’ Sokolovskaya will now regularly light the Shabbat candles. Menachem-Mendel hopes that he will be honored to read Torah every Shabbat and Leonid Ugrak decided to make Brit-mila and will try to convince his parents.

The pupils present at the holiday watched carefully because for most of them have this… Читать дальше »

Sentenced to wilderness. Jewish wisdom with rav Shlomo Willhelm.

Some say that a road to hell is covered with good deeds. The heroes of the today chapter of Torah, the Jewish scouts sent to the Land of Israel come back and say that Jews will not be able to conquer the people who live in that land. This brings despair, Jews loose their faith in G-d’s help and G-d sentences them to wander across the desert for 40 years.

Chassids explain that those scouts did what they did with holy motivation. Jews in the desert did not work, obtained food from heaven and had no need to wash their clothes. So they were focused on Torah and spiritual growth.

Talmud tells us a story by a wise an whose name was Raba bar bar Chana. The story tells that he was once shown the people of Israel who died in the… Читать дальше »

State final certification in the Ohr-Avner school of Krivoy Rog.

From May, 31th till June 18th the pupils of the ninth form of the Ohr-Avner school will be passing the State final certification. Tests on five subjects are to be passed: Ukrainian language, mathematics, geography, biology and English.

This certification is to be passed written according to the books recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine except English. English language test is to be passed in spoken form as well.

On June 18th in all schools of the town meetings will take place at which the pupils will receive the Certificates.

There are two subjects left at present – mathematics and English. May all the pupils learn well during all the classes and pass the certification well!

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Holidays camp in Krivoy Rog.

The Holidays camp is always active and useful time for children. Every single day is dedicated to a certain topic.

The Day of friendship had the slogan “Love your neighbor”. The children created posters about friendship under madrichim supervision. Different materials were used and the posters were displayed at a little exhibition. Little ones visited the master-class of the arts teacher Larisa Povkh and created their “Birds of peace” compositions to decorate a stand in the school atrium.

The Day of sports was also very active. The teacher of physical culture organized a competition for children. There were no winners and losers. They all were united by fun and friendship. The mother of one child said: “It… Читать дальше »

A step further.

We all go to Torah with confident steps. Every one goes with his own step and tempo. But the children from the Lugansk Beit Menachem school rapidly advance to the heights of knowledge and Torah. Every pupil summarizes the year that has passed. The firstformers finished learning the alphabet and advanced to the next form. The pupils of the 4th form got excellent marks and advanced to the next level. The girls from the 5th form read the first book of Torah and even passed a little exam when forefather Abraham, Rachel and Moshe Rabeinu visited them. The Моше Рабейну. The older guys from kindergarten prepared for school and proudly bare the name of firstformers. Solemn and gentle was the hour when little ones saw their older friends… Читать дальше »

Graduation ceremony in Krivoy Rog.

Graduation ceremony in a school is the end of a long season in a child’s life. The graduation ceremony of the pupils of the 4th grade of the Ohr-Avner school of Krivoy Rog will remain in their memories for long.

A greeting speech of the homeroom teacher Irina Onoyko opened the ceremony and with much applause invited the pupils to the room.

The ceremony went on as a TV program with the pupils. The anchorboy Nikita Vovchik and anchorgirl Sofiya Plyaka contacted their classmates who told about the subjects and the teachers in live air. There were songs, verses, little plays about the teachers and lessons.

A perfect addition to the program was the musical composition played by Chana Ederi about the teacher of music Julia Betsun. It… Читать дальше »

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