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Guest from Israel in Bet-Chana, Dnepropetrovsk.

On May 26th the administration and the students of the Bet-Chana Women Teacher Training College of Dnepropetrovsk had meeting with the Knesset of Israel, the Chairman of the Committee for Education, Culture and Sport Mr. Alex Miller. The guest visited the Beit-Baruch House for aged people and the Ohr Avner Chabad-Lyubavitch Jewish school number 144. In the evening of the day Mr. Miller dedicated to the Bet-Chana Women Teacher Training College and attended the students hostel.

The President of the college rav Meyer Stambler told Mr. Miller about the perspectives of Bet-Chana and the plans of construction of the new modern campus. The director of the college Stanislav Sapozhnikov, rav Moishe Weber and the Deputy of director for Education… Читать дальше »

Jewish wisdom with r. Shlomo Willhelm.

The Bemidbar chapter begins with the order of G-d to count Jews one more time. Why one more time? The point is that for the 13 months after Jews left Egypt Jews have been counted for the third time. 

Why count Jews so often? The wise men say every count had an implication. Though the reason in this chapter seems to be reasonable not enough. This time, as the wise say, G-d counted Jews to show them His love. But what's the point in counting them?

To explain that the wise provide an example of a man who counts his precious stones. He does that again and again with pleasure not because he foprgot how many of them he has. He likes and appreciates them so much that he just likes to look over them. So G-d counts His children because of… Читать дальше »

La ba Omer in Cherkassy.

The Jewish community of Cherkassy celebrated this merry holiday on the Dnieper river banks. The weather was fine and the celebration began with the parade. Children held posters with mitzvahs of Torah on them. The Jewish school pupils declared psukim. The people present applauded to every child. Then everyone went to picnic around a large fire. This was the time to have fun.

Sport games and interesting competitions were prepared for children. Their parents listened a lection on history of Lag ba Omer by Pavel Taibishlak. Children answered the contest questions about the reason that Lag ba Omer is celebrated on the 33rd day of the Omer Count, who was Shimon bar Yochai and so on. Correct answers were awarded.

Many young people came to… Читать дальше »

Lag ba Omer in Lugansk

On Sunday morning Jews gathered near the synagogue of Lugansk preparing for the Lag ba Omer parade. Everything was directed by the Head rabi of the Lugansk region Shalom Gopin. He announced the beginning of the parade. The first were drummers, then children wuth little trumpets followed by the students of the Beit Menachem school and after them their parents, members of the community and guests. About 300 people went along the central street of the city. The children and adultes held posters with Jewish mitsvas and air balloons with the Lag ba Omer symbols. Adults and children sang Jewish songs and got smiles of the passers by. It is worth mentioning that the Lugansk citizens are tolerant to the Jewish community. The Jewish holidays are… Читать дальше »

Lag ba-Omer in Nikolayev.

One of the bright holidays of the Jewish calendar is the Lag ba-Omer. It is celebrated on the 18th day of the month of Iyar and has deep history.

But the today tradition to march the parade along streets of cities and towns was the initiative of the 7th Lyubavitch Rebe Menachem Mendel Schneerson. This day Jews show their commitment to their traditions and Mitzvas. The biggest of them are love to neighbors, holy Torah, Shabbat and charity.

In accordance with the tradition this day is celebrated with much fun and joy. Many of the citizens of Nikolayev saw the Jewish parade on the main street of Nikolayev on May, 22nd. The participants of the parade were the pupils and graduates of the Ohr Menachem school, children from the Khaya Mushka… Читать дальше »

Lag Ba Omer in Zaporozhye.

On May 22 the city of Zaporozhye joined all the cities of the world in celebrating the Lag Ba Omer holiday, the day of unity of all Jewish people. This holiday gathered Jews of all ages. About four hundred people followed by the group of drummers marched the parade holding banners, shouting passages of Torah and Tehilim.

After the parade the Chabad Lyubavitch Jewish school of Zaporozhye harbored the holiday for all Jewish organizations of the city. After a short story about the history of the holiday and its purposes the 12 psukim were proclaimed and then the representatives of every organization spoke on different topics: Jewish upbringing, Tsdaka, Torah, Mezuza, Love your neghbour, Shabbat candles. The joyful Jewish music, dances… Читать дальше »

Directors at seminar.

The director of the Jewish school of Krivoy Rog Svetlana Skripchuk took part in the seminar of the directors of Jewish schools of CIA which was held from 3rd till 5th of May nearby Moscow, Russian Federation

The organizers prepared a very intensive program. During the three seminar days the participants received a lot of information necessary for their work. An invaluable gift was the presentation of the Assets Encyclopedia which enlightened different aspects of Jewish education and every participant could have it for free.

The participants also had a meeting with the director of one of the prestigious Moscow gymnasiums who shared her experience on helping talented children and professor of two Moscow higher education establishments Ph.… Читать дальше »

Rebe Chernobyl' visited Belaya Tserkov.

On the 27th day of Omer count the city of Belaya Tserkov was visited by the Rebe Chernobyl’ Izrail’ Bney Brak. Together with a group of chassids he came to pray at the tomb of his grand father in Belaya Tserkov and to pray Kadish Yatom. After his prayer the Rebe visited the Jewish community, took an excursion to the place of prayer of min’yan. The Rebe also visited the Ohr Avner kindergarten and blessed the workers for the noble labour of bringing up Jewish children in these hard crisis times. The crisis comes and goes but the traditions of the Jewish people will remain forever.


The Competitions Reward in Krivoy Rog.

On May, 11 in the School #85 of the Krivoy Rog city the Region Schools Competitions Winners Award took place. To this event the pupils of the 4th form of the Ohr Avner school of Krivoy Rog received the Winners’ Invitation.

The representatives of the Education Department Tatyana Bevzyuk and Tatyana Khodakova congratulated the children who participated in the Competitions and won. The event was arranged in an unusual theatrical performance form.

The fairy tale heroes Buratino and Mal’vina awarded the Ukrainian Language Nomination Diploma for the Second place to the pupil of the Jewish school Yulia Matviyenko. The fox Alisa and the cat Basilio awarded the Mathematics Nomination Diploma for the Second place to the pupil of the… Читать дальше »

Memorial day in Jewish school of Kherson.

Before May, 9 in the premises of the Chabad organization of Kherson a traditional event dedicated to the 66th Anniversary of the Victory in World War Two took place. This year the event was dedicated to the city of Kherson and its heroes. The participants went to a virtual journey with the help of a video projector a took a walk through the streets, squares and parks of their native town. The children learned much new about the heroes of their city with whose names many streets are named. They also learned about the bravery of the Heroes of the Soviet Union P.A. Pokryshev and N.Z. Vydrigan and virtually visited the monument of the famous Kherson citizens: the heads of the Motherland Patriot organization Ilya Kylik and Nikolay Subbota… Читать дальше »

Visit to Mayor, Pervomaysk.

This week the family of the Pervomaysk rabi Levi Izhak Perlstein caused an unofficial visit to the Mayor of the town of Prevomaysk Lyudmila Dromashko. The meeting took place in a warm a friendly atmosphere. The Mayor accepted the delegation and listened with interest. During the visit the questions concerning some issues of the Jewish community life in the town and questions of solving some problems of the Jewish population by the local authorities of the town were raised. In the end of the visit the rabi presented the Mayor a gift. We hope this visit to start a long and fruitful cooperation between the local authorities and the Jewish community of the town.

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The 66th Anniversary of the Victory in the world War Two in the Nikolayev Community.

On May, 9 the World War Two veterans of  the Nikolayev Jewish community celebrated the 66th Anniversary of the victory over Nazis.

The children who were born and raised during the War, the behind enemy lines veterans and the War veterans were invited to the event. 109 men and women in total. In the high celebration atmosphere the veterans were happy to see congratulate each other and share memories. The songs of the War period and Jewish songs were sung by the veterans choir during the holiday meeting.

The government representatives also came to congratulate the veterans. Warm words of appreciation were said by Sholom Gottlieb, the rabi of Nikolayev and the Nikolayev region

Traditionally the children of the Nikolayev… Читать дальше »


Last week the students of the 1st course of the Women Teacher Training College Bet-Chana, Dnepropetrovsk, together with the high school students of the machon Chaya-Mushka went to an exciting journey within the framework of the Masa-Shorashim Annual Ethno-cultural Project. This project gives the girls the opportunity to know their ethnic roots visiting historical places connected with the Jewish history from its beginning to the Holocaust. This year they traveled through the cities of Western Ukraine: L’viv, Berdichiv, Brody, Medzhibozh, Rovno, Zhitomir and Chernovtsy. during the journey the girls were accompanied by the Ph. D. in History and mentor Osnat Helb. They all visited old synagogues and places of burial and memorials… Читать дальше »

Lessons in the Museum in Nikolayev.

Before the celebration of the 66th Anniversary of Victory in the World War Two the traditional museum lessons took place in the Ohr Menachem school of Nikolayev in the school museum for Holocaust studies. It is worth mentioning that boys and girls themselves were the teachers for their classmates and younger school boys and girls. Such lessons help pupils to involve in the museum work and prepares them for the excursions for the guests of the school.

The pupils are very serious while preparing for these excursions. They learn terminology, work in small groups and train for the excursions.

Of special interest among the pupils are the exhibits dedicated to the memorial events and the work of pupils on different projects.… Читать дальше »

Guests from Gordon-College of Haifa in Beth-Chana, Dnepropetrovsk.

From 1st till 5th of May the Educational resource center of the Mahale Fund which works on the basis of the Beth-Chana  Сollege in Dnepropetrovsk was visited by the guests from Israel. Annually within the program of cooperation and experience exchange specialists on work with children with special needs from Gordon-College of Haifa visit the center. This cooperation lasts for over 10 years and is very fruitful. As the Head of the Center Svetlana Yakovlevna says they have such visits twice a year and hold regular video conferences with the specialist from Israel.

This time Doctor of Psychology Neta Bransky and specialists on development of abstract thinking by means of mathematics Daliya Shlomi and Dassi Segal visited the… Читать дальше »

Day of Memorial in Zaporozhye.

On May 2, the Day of Memory of the Victims of the Catastrophe the representatives of the Jewish organizations of Zaporozhye came to the Place of the mass burial of Jews who perished during the Nazi occupation to honor the victims. With pain in their heart people told about their families and friends who died and spoke of that spiritual power that helped to keep the faith, religion, morality and humanity.

In memory of the victims candles were lit and a prayer for them was read by the rabi of Zaporozhye Nohum Erentroy.

We all pray that this Catastrophe would never come again.




Quarter 95 show team guests in Krivoy Rog Community.

Recently the Krivoy Rog community was visited by the team of the Quarter 95 Studio Vladimir Zelenskiy, Yuriy Koryavchenkov, Yevgeniy Koshevoy, Stepan Kazanin and Mika Fatalov who is the actors administrator. They visited their native city Krivoy Rog within their tour over Ukraine.

The most eminent and famous Ukrainian creative and humorous team of the Quarter 95 Studio created in 2003 is worthy to be the favorites of the Ukrainian public a was several times honored with the prestigious awards in journalistics and TV.

These young creative and ambitious men created numerous entertainment programs and projects.

An excursion about the Beis Stern Shulman synagogue was arranged for the guests. The rabi of Krivoy Rog Liron Ederi showed the… Читать дальше »

The teacher of the "Or-Avner" school Larisa Povh among best teachers of Arts of Ukraine.

From 6th to 15th of April the final stage of the Teacher of the Year All-Ukrainian Contest took place in Kirovograd. This stage was dedicated to Arts. 27 teachers from different cities of Ukraine who won in the second stage took part in the third stage together with the winner of the second Dnepropetrovsk region tour Larisa Povkh. They showed their working procedures and displayed the skills and professionalism in working with children.

During the contest the participants of the third stage visited the school named after Vasiliy Sukhomlinskiy, the Children Art school of A. Osmerkin, the Kirovograd Region Secondary Educational Complex of Humanities and Aesthetic profile and the kozaks khutor*.

Having assessed the professionalism of the… Читать дальше »

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