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The course of lections by Siril Aslanov in the Kiyevo-Mohylyans’ka Academy.

LanguagesFrom May 12 to May 18 the sociolinguist and professor of the Jewish University in Jerusalem Siril Aslanov will give a course of lections on “Israeli language horizon as a part of Eastern Europe”.

Such substrates as Yiddish and such adstrates as Slavic languages on the former land of living of Jews had a significant impact on the construction of the modern spoken Hebrew. Later, as Jews from different countries (from the Middle East and North Africa as well) met in the newborn state of Israel the East European linguistic ground was the ground for developing Hebrew for the fathers-founders of Israel were from the Eastern Europe. In the course offered the connection of Hebrew with the East European sources is analyzed from… Читать дальше »

Pesach in Chernovtsy.

This year the Jewish community of Chernovtsy headed by rav Menachem Glinzsteinsaw a big action before the Pesakh holiday. All the children got beautiful gifts from the community: the holiday clothes and food products sets with all necessary for the Pesach week at home.

More than 500 people of different ages have been invited to the Laila Ceder (the first Pesakh Ceder). To make the ceder more interesting they were all divided into three groups: children with parents, youth and adults.Cosy premises harboured all of the people desiring to feel the spiritual liberation and unity of the Jews.

In the children's place rabanit Pnina Glinzstein held a quiz game with questions about the Pesach Agada for children and parents and a holiday… Читать дальше »

Next year in Jerusalem!

Pesach 5771Pesach passed by. All over Ukraine Jewish people gathered for ceders making all the world know that Jews, where ever they are, diligently keep their ancestors’ traditions and the law and mitzvas given by G-d when Jews left Egypt many centuries ago.

The celebration days are gone and yesterday all the spiritually concerned Jews took part in the Moshiach ceder. The Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine made everything possible to organize the coming of Shluchim to every Jewish community and helped in ceders organization and hopes and believes that the light of Moshiach enlightened all the earth and brought goodness and harmony into every heart waiting for the time of Moshiach coming

The Federation of Jewish Communities of… Читать дальше »

Nisan 11 in the city of the Rebe.

This year the 11th of Nisan was celebrated very specially in the Nikolayev Ohr Menachem Jewish School. This day was preceded by the Gift for the Rebe Action which lasted for two weeks during which the children participated in the conquest dedicated to the Rebe’s life, tried to fulfill the Mitzvoim in school and at home and learned by heart the 110th chapter of Tehilim.

On Friday the holiday came. In the morning the school radio announced the programme of the day. In the beginning the children wrote letters to the Rebe, in which they took upon themselves additional obligations and asked a blessing for their people, school and family.

In the second part of the day the children divided into three teams and prepared for the… Читать дальше »

Excursion for children in Chernovtsy.

Every city and town is unique in its own way. The history, beauty, unique architecture and generous soul of every city dweller made Chernovtsy have its own place in the registry of Ukrainian and European cities. Chernovtsy is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine.

Before this Pesach the teachers of the Ohr-Avner Chabad Jewish Culture Centre of Chernovtsy went for the excursion in the city with the Jewish children.

Chernovtsy is like a museum in which almost every street has its own peculiarities and secrets and architecture of various styles makes the city even more vivid and diverse.

During its history the city saw seven imperial epochs that left their traces in different spheres. That is why there are over 600 different… Читать дальше »

The signs of long living. Jewish wisdom with rabi Shlomo Willhelm.

ШВ.jpg109 years ago the soul of Lyubavitch Rebe descended to our world. Today in all places of the world the new 110th chapter of Tehilim will be read for the Rebe that will mark the 110th year of his life.

110 years. This is how long Joseph the son of our forefather Yakov lived. Of all the sons of Yakov Joseph lived less of all. The Sages say that his life was so short because he was the second ruler over Egypt and was arrogant to his family.

On the other side the Sages say that Torah describes him as a man who lived a long life: he lived 110 years and saw his descendants to the third generation.

They say that rabi Schneur Zalman from Lyad, the founder of Chabad, blessed one of his chasids to live a long life and the… Читать дальше »

Matzos for children in Cherkassy.

Cooking MatzosThe Mitzva to consume Matzos during Pesach reminds us of the great miracles G-d did when Jews were leaving Egypt.

The pupils of the Jewish school number 770 in Cherkassy had a lesson to bake Matzos themselves. Every child prepared dough for Matzos, rolled it out and put it into oven.

When the Matzos baked the children were not bored but playing the game called Customs of Pesach. The children received prizes and gifts.

In the end of the day every child got Matzo which he or she cooked with own hands. This year the Jewish children will celebrate Pesach with round Matzos and four glasses of grape juice and the familiar aroma of freedom. Yes, the history is repeating every year. Let’s celebrate together!



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Making ready for Pesakh in Krivoy Rog.

Two weeks left until Pesach but the Parparim Sunday school pupils are already making themselves ready for the holiday. Recently the children of the younger group had a lesson dedicated to Pesach

This lesson was given them by the Noah’s Arch Club madrich Masha Hofmekler. She told the children about the history, traditions and customs of the holiday. The children asked many questions: what is Matzos, slavery, the Exodus from Egypt and so on.  

After the children got all the answers the part of the lesson began during which they decorated the holiday glass for Ceder. Here they had to show their creativity as everyone wanted his or her glass special. And if anyone asked them why they needed such a beautiful glass for Ceder they… Читать дальше »

Meeting Bet-Chana, Dnepropetrovsk.

Last weekend in the Bet-Chana women teacher training college a seminar took place where Jewish girls and their parents could get in the know with the college, its traditions, peculiarities of the educational process and dive into the world of Idishkeit together with the hosts when Shabat. This seminar was attended by the people from Kiyev, Donetsk, Poltava, Vinnitsa, Lutsk, Chernovtsy, Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, Artyomovsk, Genichesk, Zelenodol’sk and Znamenovka.

The seminar began from the acquaintance with the educational facilities of the college, its premises, library, methodical and IT centre and the management of the college. Top impressions during the excursion to the educational premises the participants got in the room of… Читать дальше »

Meeting Pesakh clean.

Every one knows that cleaning before Pesakh begins long before the holiday and is a must and obligation when preparing for it. Teaching correct cleaning and telling about the secets of spiritual cleanliness were the aim of the mentors of the Lugansk kindergarten Beit Menachem. The conversation was very special and no one managed to stay aside, neither children, nor adults. Having spoken of the importance of cleaning, they began to work. Women made unusual aprons using plastic bags and children prepared the instruments. Than a whirlpool of foam absorbed all: children, washcloths, women, shovel, brooms, more children… This cooperative cleaning made everyone work in unity.

After the work finished a professional psychologist offered… Читать дальше »

A gift for the Rebe.

On Nisan, 1 (April, 4) in the Nikolayev Ohr Menachem school an action started named A Gift for Rebe. This action will last until Nisan, 11 – the date of birth of our great brother rabi Menachem-Mendel Schneerson. The day of the beginning of the action had a surprise – a big beautiful box. After numerous suggestions about what is in the box the children found there the first form pupil Yana Leva and were surprised and impressed. The point is that we ourselves and good deeds are the gift for the Rebe. Every child got a special booklet with the information about the action, the rules of the action and a human silhouette. Images of parts of parts of human body whish the children will obtain for correctly done assignments are to be… Читать дальше »

Rosh Chodesh Nisan in Bet-Chana, Dnepropetrovsk.

Yesterday in the premises of the Bet-Chana women teacher training college an event dedicated to Rosh Chodesh of Nisan took place. The month of Nisan is the month of redemption and renewal, the exodus from the Egypt slavery and birth of the Jewish nation in the Jewish calendar and that is why this event was decided to celebrate in a special way. This month began with the celebration of the day of those who was born in January, February and March. Rebetzn Sarah Stambler and Shoshana Weber and teachers Osnat Helb and Rachel Milman spoke of important spiritual sense of a birthday of a human and a nation. In solemn minutes after watching the record of the Rebe’s speech about birthday that it is very important to take good obligations and… Читать дальше »

Russian and Ukrainian languages week in Lugansk.

In the Jewish school of Lugansk the week of Russian and Ukrainian languages took place. The pupils of the school presented the map of the journey to the Country of Languages, played an excerpt from a play of a Russian writer Fonvisin, took part in a linguistic play.

Also a virtual excursion named The Name of Dal’* on the Map of Our City was held and virtually visited the museum of af the author of the Ukrainian Explanatory Dictionary.

But the main event was the visit to the Ukrainian State Theatre where they could see the play of the renown actors Aleksey Morozov, Anatoliy Yavorsky and Natalya Yavorskaya in the play of the Ukrainian writer Mikhail Staritskiy.

The week finished with a play staged by the pupils of the… Читать дальше »

Guests from America in the Jewish community of Krivoy Rog.

GuestsThe Jewish community of Krivoy Rog was recently visited by Dr. Betsy Gidvitz, the author of the books about the life of Jews in the CIS, and guests from Boston, the representatives of the Action for Post-Soviet Jewry Organization Judy Patkin and Galina Silberstein, who came with the Kegila Project Coordinator Yan Sidel’kovsky.

This was not the first visit to the community. Mrs. Patkin’s first visit to Krivoy Rog was in the early 90s. Since then she comes annually. Mrs. Gidvitz is also well acquainted with the community of Krivoy Rog in view of her numerous visits to the city.

One of the main projects of the Action for Post-Soviet Jewry Organization is the Adopt The Bubbe Program which aims to help the aged men and women.

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Engagement in Krivoy Rog.

p3260819.jpgThis was the first time Krivoy Rog saw an engagement many years.

After Shabbat, IRUSIN (wort) took place in the Jewish community of Krivoy Rog. The community activist Avraham Rynkov and the director of the Sochnut Jewish Agency Education Department in south-eastern Ukraine Chana Masakovskaya engaged to create a Jewish family.

The head rabi of Krivoy Rog Liron Ederi, rebetsn Zivi Ederi, rabi Levi Zelikson and the relatives of the Avraham and Chana were present at the engagement ceremony.

During the meal the ritual of kinyan was held for Avraham and Chana to confirm their firm decision as to family. They lifted up a special scarf. This symbolizes their mutual commitment to create a family.

After this the mothers of the fiancé and… Читать дальше »

Sins of the parturient. The Jewish wisdom with r. Shlomo Wilhelm.

ШВ.jpgThe Soviet maternity hospital patients burst into the office to the head physician:
- What it is: according to your instructions clean underwear - for Jews only, better food - for Jews only, anesthesia - for Jews only...
- Comrades, you have to understand - their products are for export!

The birth of a child is a joyful event in the life of every family, which is usually accompanied by numerous congratulations and, of course, gifts for mom and her baby. According to Jewish law, a woman who gave birth to a child, not just accepts gifts but she must bring a gift to God. Our weekly Torah chapter obleges the mom to bring two sacrifices in the Temple at the end of postnatal ritual purification.

One of these offerings symbolizes the woman's… Читать дальше »

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