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Fairy tale reality in Nikolayev.

This bright spring day will remain in the children’s hearts and in the memory of their parents for a long time.

The holiday of the spring came to the Nikolayev kindergarten with much fun. But may be it is not the spring itself but the staff of the kindergarten made the holiday so joyful and funny? As a magician from a fairy tale the kindergarten mentor Irina Alekseyevna began the performance which was the tale The House of The Cat Lady performed in a musical adaptation. All the roles were performed by the children and every child played in the musical.

Everyoe heard this fairy tale for many times but today everything was different, so surprising and unique. And when the children began to sing in English their parents… Читать дальше »

Patronage of veterans in Kherson.

1.jpgThe pupils of the Chabad Upbringing Educational Association in Kherson have now patronage of the World War Two Invalid Hospital.

On March, 11 the pupils of the Jewish school in cooperation with the Veteran Teachers Choir of the city House of Teachers gave a concert dedicated to the 67th anniversary of the liberation of Kherson from Nazis. The concert was very touching. The scene gathered together the grand-sons of those who gave their lives for our freedom and happiness and those who stood nearby the soldiers during the War. The veterans could not help weeping and the children will keep this meeting in memory for a long time.


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Guests from America in Poltava.

GuestHow great it is when guests come to your house! And not just usual guests came to the Poltava Ohr-Avner school but guests from America. All school was filled with buzz, boys ran everywhere like fireballs and all looked to the windows to see the guests.

And finally the long awaited guests came. The children who new English well showed the Americans the premises of the school and the kindergarten in excursion. The guests liked the school very much for it was dripping with care and love to children.

The dinner met the guests and the school children together for it was so pleasant to exchange the experience and impressions during the dinner.


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Purim in The Synagogue of Kherson.

DSC_2.jpgIn the evening of March, 19 and until the late at night on March, 20 in Kherson synagogue men and women and children sang, joked, had fun, laughed and danced - the Purim holiday came to Jewish people.

As always, everyone was pleased with the performances of the Jewish high school pupils and the amateurs of the pre-school department.

In the backstage Rabbi Joseph Wolf explained why the vile Haman can not be forgot once and forever:

- How can we forget that villain? - said the rabbi - if not he we would not have such a wonderful holiday and the other Haman would not receive such a great lesson! And how can one drink so much to stop to distinguish Haman from Mordechai, if we forget the name of the first!

See how our Purim looked at the… Читать дальше »

Unity and struggle of The Opposites. Jewish values ​from r. Shlomo Wilhelm.

ШВ.jpgIzzya became an insurance agent and persuaded a client to insure:
- If, for example, you break an arm, you get two hundred. Break a leg - three hundred. And if you are lucky enough to break the back ... well, then you are a rich man!

Time does pass! Just recently we celebrated Purim and on the horizon the new month Nisan could be seen which brings the Passover preparation.

The first reminder on this will come on Saturday when a passage of the Torah about the red cow will be read. The Temple times saw an unusual ritual which was fulfilled to ritually clense the people who touched dead men. A red cow was burnt than the ash was diluted with water and sprinkled on a man restoring his ritual purity.

What kind of attitude for Passover has it… Читать дальше »

Purim in Zaporozhye.

SAM_3775.JPGOn March, 19  the Jews of Zaporozhye came to the synagogue where Rabbi Nohum Ehrentreu read the Scroll of Esther after which everyone received the Purim treats and had fun.

This holiday Sunday afternoon Jews gathered in the synagogue to have the festive meal and then in the Palace of Culture the Chabad Lubavitch students showed the history of the Purim salvation of the Jewish people with the contemporary music. After the play everyone got Mishlo'ah Manot and in a few hours everyone proceeded to the synagogue with meals, drinks and creative desserts waiting for them.

The next day the Jewish school saw the funny Purim Spiel. All the children came in costumes. The children were in costumes of Vashti and Esther, Ahasuerus and Haman… Читать дальше »

Purim Came to Belaya Tserkov'.

Purim3.jpgPurim came to the town of Belaya Tserkov'. The synagogue was decorated with holiday lamps and balloons. Ratchet and whistles already waiting for children. Dressed in carnival costumes, families brought a spirit of joy and fun. There were guests from Skvira and Israel. Prayer began the holiday followed by reading of the Megillah. Sounds of horns, rattle bangs, clapping of hands and stamping of feet filled the synagogue when the name of the villain Haman was mentioned.

The synagogue was filled with fun until late night. Passers-by stopped and listened in amazement and asked: "What is it?" and heard the answer Purim came to Jews. "Well done!" - said passers-by. Surely, that is great. Well done, that we live together… Читать дальше »

Contest in Poltava Ohr Avner School.

IMG_0262.jpg- Do you know that "Come on, girls" will be today?
- No! When?
- After dinner.
- Yes!!! - the boys were speaking to one another in the Poltava Ohr Avner school during breakfast...

And indeed, after lunch the Miss Or-Avner contest started. High school girls had a competition and every girl originally presented herself to the jury.

Wise Torah sayings were encrypted and given to the girls as an assignment apon completion of which each girl expressed her views on the statements of the sages.

The haircuts of the participants were a success not only with the teachers but with the present pupils also who came to give their classmates a cheer.

The contest was divided by musical pauses into several assignments the most… Читать дальше »

Megillah Esther Read for The First Time

img_3357[1].jpgAfter Shabbat, the synagogue "Beis Stern Shulman" gathered the Jews of Krivoy Rog who came to fulfil the main mitsva of Purim - to hear the reading of the Megillah. Solemn and sacramental, this important reading sounded for the first time in the synagogue.

Megillat Esther was read by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Strasberg. All participants listened attentively to the story of Purim and at the mention of the villain Haman stamped their feet, drowning his name.

After the reading of the Megillah, Purim continued in many homes where Jews gathered to have a festive meal. Everyone celebrated a miraculous salvation of the Jewish people and raised their "Lechaim".




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Who can not sleep at night? Jewish

ШВ.jpg- Why are you such an anti-Semite?
- Several years ago a Jew ruined my life.
- What was his name?
- Mendelssohn.

You probably noticed that while reading the Megillah, the phrases describing key moments in this book, pronounced with a special, solemn tone. One of these phrases: "That night the king could not sleep..." Let me remind you that we are talking about the episode when in a sleepless night the king Ahasuerus ordered to read him the Chronicles. When he heard that Mordechai had recently saved him from a conspiracy, Ahasuerus decided to reward him and ordered anti-Semite Haman provide unprecedented honor to Mordechai the Jew.

The sages say that this very moment… Читать дальше »

Women's Club in Zaporozhye.

Фото0323.jpgPreparing for Purim became the subject of the meeting of Jewish women's club Ohr Chaya on March, 14 in Zaporozhye. Originally decorated hall of the synagogue, lively music, costumes and pleasant atmosphere helped creatin wonderful moods.

As usualy, Nechama Siritskaya told about the history and traditions of Purim.

All of us know that the real fun is to give fun to other people. One should always let other people participate in the fun one has at the moment.

Speaking of Purim, no one must not forget the needy. As a result of this discussion it was decided to raise money and help the lonely elderly people, many of whom unfortunately did not go out. Food packages for forty people… Читать дальше »

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