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The Nahes Jewish women's club in Mariupol lit the eighth candle.

Winter came and the lightest holiday – Chanukah –  “is knocking” at our doors. It is a holiday which warms us on these December days with its warmth, it brings light of goodness and sincerity, loyalty and belief, coziness and fun into our hearts all next year. And it is so pleasant to meet friends these days!

On December 27th 2011 in Mariupol Jewish community there was a celebratory Chanukah session of the Nahes women's club which has become a final link in a number of Chanukah activities this year.

Chanukah women’s meeting has passed under the motto "Switch on Chanukah light in your house".

The mistress of the club Rebetsen Ester Cohen met all the visitors with a kind and… Читать дальше »

Agreement signals greater WORLD ORT involvement in Estonia.

World ORT and the Estonian Government have signed an agreement which paves the way for a greater role for ORT in the development of the Baltic state's education system.   The country's only Jewish school formally affiliated with World ORT in 2008 but the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Tallinn this week by World ORT Trustee and President of ORT Bulgaria Dr Emil Kalo and Estonian Education Minister Professor Jaak Aaviksoo stands to benefit the whole of Estonian society.   "It's a sign of World ORT's commitment to Estonia," Dr Kalo said. "This strategic framework agreement shows the direction which we will take together in implementing new projects in education. It extends beyond the Jewish school and opens up… Читать дальше »

Chanukkah in Mariupol Ohr Avner school.

On December, 22nd in the evening OR-AVNER school a children's holiday devoted to Chanukah took place. Cheerful and noisy children's company filled the assembly hall of the building of the Jewish nursery school. Bustle, squeal, laughter and noise – everything that children usually do. Chanukah performance started with a welcoming word of the head of the drama school Irina Romanova who made a retrospective excursion to the history of the Jewish people at the time when Chanukah miracle happened. The pupils of the evening school presented a musical composition with poetry: they sang songs, recited poems, played roles of historical characters (Maxim Shishlov represented Matityaga, and Sasha Oleynikov – tsar Antioch). Touching and… Читать дальше »

Chanukkah in Dnepropetrovsk.

As with the entire community of Dnepropetrovsk, the Beit Chana students were invited to the The Mystery of Shamash Hanukkah celebrations mega-show.The holiday of Chanukah has gathered a lot of guests.The Chief Rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk and Dnipropetrovsk region Reb Shmuel Kaminetsky lit the Hanukkah Candles. The World Jewish Agency for Israel geographical director for the CIS countries' Benjamin Lidsky and head of the Dnipropetrovsk branch of the Jewish Agency-Ukraine Elena Zbarzhevski had a congratulation speech in honor of the holiday.As part of the festive evening at the Shinnik Palace of Culture the festival organizers have prepared an extensive program: Hanukkah stations representing the Jewish educational organizations (including… Читать дальше »

The Chief Rabbi of Krivoy Rog visited the Knesset.

On 28th of November the Chief Rabbi of Krivoy Rog Leron Edery visited the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, where he had a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, Internal Affairs Minister Eli Yishai and and the Minister Meshulam Nagari who was the Deputy Minister of Education in 1999 - 2002.

During the meeting with the officials Rabbi Edery spoke about the Jewish community of Krivoy Rog, its programs and projects. In conclusion Rabbi Leron Edery presented them a symbolic gift - an album released on the first anniversary of the Beis Stern Shulman synagogue published by the Etude-service Publishing and Printing Complex.


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