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The 27th Chabad Schluchim World Congress.

Yesterday in Brooklyn the 27th World Congress of Chabad Schluchim has finished which brought together over 4,000 participants of the Shluchim project from all corners of our planet. The motto of the Congress was "The Messenger is a call".

The members of the main project of the Jewish people -  Messengers of the Rebbe Five days were spent together sharing experiences gained over the years with friends and colleagues, talking about their problems and successes, discussing current issues and outlining effective ways of further development.

The first days of the congress were intensive workshops, master classes and lectures on many topics troubling envoys in their daily work.

In preparation for the congress organizers… Читать дальше »

Odessa photographer visited the Krivoy Rog community.

The Beis Stern Shulman synagogue of Krivoy Rog has been visited by a guest from Odessa - a member of the National Union of Photographers of Ukraine, winner of various competitions, the famous photographer Boris Buchman with his friends.

Boris began his acquaintance with the city from a visit to the synagogue.

Here the guests were met by the Ohr Avner Charity Fund director Tatiana Kutz and escorted them to the Michael Marmer City Museum of Culture And History of The Jewish People. The museum's director Svetlana Poddubnaya acquainted the guests with the history of the museum and its numerous exhibits. Carefully listening to the story of Svetlana Ivanovna, the guests were happy to share their knowledge and new experiences. Considering the… Читать дальше »

The WJR delegation visited Krivoy Rog.

As already established good tradition, the Jewish community of Krivoy Rog has been visited by the World Jewish Relief (WJR) delegation headed by the Executive Director Paul Antikoni.

Founded in 1933, the organization is the global mission of the Jewish community of Great Britain. It functions in over thirty countries around the world. The main activities of the fund aim to assist and support people of all ages, especially children and the elderly - those who need care, attention, and medications most.

During the visit the guests visited the Specialized School with in-depth study of foreign languages and the pre-school educational institution.

Here the chief rabbi of the city Liron Edery, a member of the Board of Trustees of the… Читать дальше »

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