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Sukkot in Lugansk.

Sukkot is fun and joy, fellowship and unity. It was interesting everywhere: in the school holiday, in sukkah in the synagogue and of course in sukkah on the river bank outside the city. The mitzva of blessing for the 4 plants has been performed by hundreds of Jews of Lugansk and region. The sukkah at the synagogue was not empty despite the constant rain. Every day there was a meal, visitors and guests came, laughter and congratulations filled the air. The Beit Menachem school students with parents and teachers staged a grand event at which teams improved their knowledge of Jewish tradition, built unusual sukkahs, collected puzzles, played and sang.

And outside the city in the country the most cold-resistant Jews gathered. And they did not… Читать дальше »

Simchat Torah continues in Chernivtsi.

Recently the first time in decades a newly built synagogue of Chernivtsi saw a solemn introduction of the first scroll of Torah. Immediately after the holidays of Tishrei and Simchat Torah Felix Vulis donated this holy book to the Chernivtsi synagogue. Many years ago the family of Felix Vulis lived in front of the synagogue. Feliks learned about the restoration and opening of the synagogue which took place with the direct participation and assistance of the Lubavitcher Rebbe shluchim Rabbi Menachem Mendel and Pnina Glinsshtain and decided to donate the scroll of Torah.

The celebrations began at the building of the former home of the Vulis family and continued in the building of the synagogue. The entire Jewish community of the city… Читать дальше »

New Israeli consul visited Krivoy Rog.

Nelly Shulman, the new consul of Israel in the Dnepropetrovsk region and director of the Center of Culture of Israel visited Krivoy Rog. Mrs. Shulman took her position in August 2011 and this is her first official visit to Krivoy Rog.

The Consul met with the Chief Rabbi of the region Leron Edery, the director of the Or-Avner Foundation Tatiana Kutz, the director of the Jewish School with advanced study of foreign languages Svetlana Skripchuk and the representative of the Israeli Cultural Centre Raisa Pal’chikova.

During her visit to Krivoy Rog Mrs. Nelly Shulman visited the Beis Stern Schulman city synagogue, the museum of Mikhail Marmer and the Jewish school. The Consul was pleasantly surprised by the extent of Jewish revival… Читать дальше »

Words of gratitude to the old ones, Dnepropetrovsk.

It is already a good tradition to pay a tribute of love to people of the Beit Baruch house for elderly people by the students of Beit-Chana International Institute every year on the International Day of Elderly People. A piece of warmth and light, which the students of Beit-Chana traditionally share with those who had a difficult path in life through war, famine and regime changes and who created lots of good for the next generation.

This year the day coincided with the end of the celebration of Rosh Ha Shanah and the Teacher's Day, a professional holiday for all students of Beit-Chana and those of the inhabitants of the "warm home for elderly people" who devoted their lives to teaching and who was really happy to receive dear… Читать дальше »

Memorial renewed in Kolomiya, Ivano-Frankovsk.

On September 28, 2011 inIvano-Frankivsk regionmembers of the Jewishreligious communitywith the support ofsponsorshaveimpeccably renovated thememorial grave inthe Sheparivskiy wood of Kolomyiadistrict wheremore thanthreethousand Jews were killed during the World War Two.

On the meeting dedicated to therestoration of themonumentthe Chief Rabbi ofthe Ivano-FrankivskregionMosheLeibKolesnikreadthe prayer. The present priests read theprayer as well.Monument was opened by the Local State Administration Chairman of the Kolomiyadistrictand chairman ofthe Jewish community of KolomiyaJ. Zalischiker. Members of Kolomiya and Ivano-Frankovsk communities attended the meeting.

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