Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine:
Rabbi of Odessa Avrohom Wollf 


r. Avrohom Wollf.Rabbi Avrohom Wollf was born on April 23 1970 in Kiryat-Malachi, Israel in the family of Chabad movement worker.

He graduated from the Jerusalem yeshiva in 1986, the Higher yeshiva of Migdal Ha-Emek in 1989 and the New York Spiritual University in 1992.

Since 1992 till August 1998 Avrohom Wollf was the rabbi of Kherson, Ukraine. During these years the Kherson Jewish religious Community, Jewish secondary school, the Charity Centre, yeshiva, Jewish library and the Hebrew courses were created and function untill now.

In July 1998 he was elected the chief rabbi of South Ukrainian Regional Association of Jewish Communities. .

In August 1998 he became the Head of the Odessa United Jewish Community, the Shomrey Shabos Odessa Jewish religious community and Odessa Society of Jewish Culture.

Married, has six children.