Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine:
Rabbi of Zhitomir Shlomo Wilhelm


Shloimo Willhelm with his family.

Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm was born on July, 10th in Jerusalem.

  • Up to 13 years old he studied in heder in Jerusalem.
  • Then till 17 - in yeshiva of the Lyud city.
  • Till 18,5 - yeshiva of Kiryat Malachi
  • Till 20 - yeshiva of Kfar Chabad
  • Then till 24 - yeshiva of New York city
  • When he was 24 he married Esther Lieberman (now Esther Willhelm
  • From 24 till 25 he studied in kolel in New York. 

When he was 25, he came to Zhitomir and works as rabbi untill now. He and his wife have 8 children.