Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine:
Rabbi of Donetsk Pinchas Vishedsky


Pinchas Vishedsky was born in a religious family of Russian chassids who moved from Russia. He received the primary religious education in heder and yeshiva. After that he continued studying in the USA in the Central Yeshiva of Chabad in the synagogue of the Lyubavitch Rebe Menachem-Mendel Shneerson. One more diploma from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel was given to him after finishing a special institute of Jerusalem course.

In 1991 Pinchas Vishedsky married. His spouse Dina was also born in a religious Jewish family. She has the diploma of the Jerusalem Pedagogical Institute where she obtained the hogher musical pedagogical education. The Vishedskys have six children.

After the Donetsk Jewish community contacted the International movement of Chabad Pinchas Vishedsky and his family went to Donetsk, Ukraine with the Rebe's special blessing.

During the years the Vishedsky lived in Donetsk the Jewish life changed greatly. The old synagogue was restored, Jewish education establishments are opened, different cultural and charity projects are being implemented. Thousands of people are now in the community and many of them touch the Jewish life and their roots for the first time.

Rabbi Pinchas Vishedsky is the head of the Regional Spiritual association of Jewish communities of the Donetsk region and the Chairman of the All Ukrainian Kashrut Committee.