Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine:
Rabbi of Dneprodzerzhinsk Levi Stambler


Rabbi Levi Izchak Stambler was born in Kfar Cabad, Israel on Nisan 18 5735 (March 30 1975).

He studied in heder for 12 years, then 3 years in yeshiva and 3 years in higher yeshiva. After yeshivas in 2 years he got the higher education for rabbis.

The Diploma and rabbi degree were obtained in New York city, NY, USA. After having practice in different cities of the former Soviet Union he received the rabbi diploma from the chief rabbi council of Israel.

Since 1998 till 2001 he was the official state rabbi of Israel in the Arava region

Since 2001 till now he is the chief rabbi of Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine.